Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM Kit

Hello All,
We thank you all for the support of the Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM project in the last two months.
And congratulations to those who have ordered successfully in the first LIMITED run cause it is exactly a great and worthy deal!

We noticed some issues and need to clarify:

1) The thread posted by McLight Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM Homemade EDC Flashlight Kit is authorized and the code is being provided by Lumintop, and he got no profit from it. We thank him so much for his great efforts in this project.

2) The other code “LMT2010” in his thread is also from Lumintop, which was provided for another reviewer in different products. The code has been expired on Dec.31, 2019.

3) The old code “VICTORHM” has been closed when the first batch HM kit sold out on Nov.21, 2019

4) The Tool AA2.0 HM kit now is restocked again in our store:
Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM

and Tool AA2.0 HM Kit

4) We have made some changes in the second batch Tool AA2.0 HM:
a) Change the package to a paper box instead of a tin box, to ensure a more safety long-distance trip.

b) Eliminate the 14500 battery, for more economic and safe transportation. Normally parcels without batteries will take less time in security checks and customs clearance.

c) New tail cap design with indicators on the tail. When you load a 14500 Li-ion battery, the indicator will light up, and when turn the light on, it off. The indicator light is the same that can be seen in the Tool AA2.0 Titanium.

d) Most importantly, the new coupon code “TOPHM6” is alive that can save $6 in the HM kit.
Enter the code in the bar and discounts will be applied before you determine the order.

We hope you enjoy the pleasure of the HM DIY kit.

For those who just got a Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 HM kit without lighted tailcap: you can correct that yourself. Just buy a lighted tailswitch from BG, FT or Convoy. Finding an opaque (clear) 14mm tailcap cover is a bit harder. And get a nylon (M8) washer from a hardware store.
These parts are ment for a 18650 light and the Tool AA is rather petite, so you must file and grind a bit off.

I ordered two sets and was lucky. Both arrived fine, including batteries. Metal boxes undamaged.

Led4Power… 4 LED PCB. I added different resistors to alter the brightness…. to my liking… :slight_smile:

Just have to trim to fit…

Please link.

Lighted tail cap PCB’s … Custom option and RGB too… Go Crazy :smiley:

:sunglasses: .

Thanks!! :+1:

why the magnetic tailcap is not included?

I also ordered two sets.
One came without a battery with a damaged case.
The excuses for restrictions on the supply of batteries to my country are bullshit. There is no limitation.
One set with battery, the other without battery.
No notice, no compensation.

The Tool AA V2.0 (even the black version sold separately) doesn’t come with it! Only the Version 1 brought it!

I have two tools AA 2.0 that brought the magnetic tailcap and diffuser

:o :o :o

Sorry, I thought the V2.0 didn’t bring it :zipper_mouth_face: My Tool AA V2.0 and the Tool 25 (bought in LT AliExpress Store) didn’t bring it :cry:
Sorry for my mistake then :zipper_mouth_face:

No more grey? :cry:

Yes, there is no grey color. :frowning: