Lumintop Tool AAA Fet Driver Mod

I am attempting to mod my Lumintop Tool with a fet driver. I bought this driver in 0.8mm. I am running a Efest 10440 350mah v1. I have a few questions. The driver I ordered will work right? Is the stock driver glued to the pill or is it attached some other way? Any idea on an approximate lumens value using the stock Nichia 219bt emitter?

Yes it will work.

The stock driver is press fit.

If you are using the stock mcpcb you need to upgrade to the copper 12mm one or you will overheat

Thanks, I will order a new copper mcpcb on my next shipment from Mtnelectronics. Would it be safe to run it with the stock mcpcb on high for 10 seconds or so to test?

Newbie here. What’s the correct way to open this? Pop the driver out, then unscrew the pill? Or unscrew the pill with needlenosepliers and driver still in place?

Unscrew the pill with needlenosepliers and driver still in place!