Lumintop Tool AAA for $5.99 at (and more...)

I have not been around for a long time, but after finding this, I had to post it:

The overseas-site of has a campaign going on where both referrer and referral get a 10$ coupon code, and they have a page dedicated to Lumintop flashlights:

The Lumintop Worm in red colour was available for $9.80 but is currently sold out. I don’t know if they are going to restock.
The Lumintop Tool AAA is available for $15.99-$10 = $5.99 (free shipping) -> Review
I don’t know if the prices of the other lights are interesting enough to mention them here.

Unfortunately the site is loading slowly, buggy and it’s hard to use the search engine. And they have changed the registration system after I had signed up, so now a phone number is required. In order to get the 10$ code you’ll have to enter an invitation code/referral code while registering. You can select the coupon during the check-out via a drop-down list. Payment per PayPal.

5x Sipik SK68 clone (Cree Q5?) for $15.13-$10 = 5.13$
If you find anything interesting please post it here!

My referral code is 6A04N0

edit : NITECORE Tube for 10.10$-$10 = $0.10 ???
edit2: Apparently JD doesn’t give out coupon codes anymore.

Hi. I tried to sing up, but couldn’t figure out the codes they asked for Verification code. SMS? I saw where your referral code goes. Couldn’t sign up. Any help?

You have to select your country and then enter a mobile phone number and finally press “send code”. You will receive a verification code which you have to enter below. I think they made it so that people won’t abuse the offer.

Dunno how the UK rules, but in the US, last I recall, giving your cell phone number to a merchant establishes a “prior relationship” that entitles them (for obscure values of “them” including corporate affiliates) to spam that number with advertising thereafter.

They must be getting something for these huge discounts.

Possibly it’s you.

Ghostery found 3 trackers

They were not asking for phone numbers yesterday…. The signup process was much easier.

No more 10$ coupons from JD, even with my really new registration with invitation and my real phone number… Crap site.