Lumintop Tool Observation

This isn’t a great mystery but it did surprise me a little when it happened to me, I’ve taken to carrying a black aluminum Lumintop Tool as my EDC flashlight - it’s small and very bright and can run on Alkaline, NIMH and Li-Ion 10440 batteries. Even though I usually prefer the rear clickies I use the twisty tail piece with the magnet because you can stick it to anything iron-based and the twisty can be used as a tactical touch switch by pressing the end with your thumb.On occasion, my wife will inform me that the flashlight was on in my pocket and I just passed it off as the end getting pushed by something else or being oriented with it being pushed against my leg, but this was not the case. The key chain/lobster claw accessory is the culprit! If the chain gets stuck to the end by the magnet and the rest hangs down far enough so that the lobster claw can touch the side - end switch bypassed and the light comes on. If you carry one, try it for yourself.

Very interesting. If I could get a Tool, I’d use it as a head twisty like I do my Ti3 today, since like you, the magnetic tail works great for me. I’m planning on retiring my Olight S2 in exchange for a Convoy S2, and having at least one magnetic torch greatly increases my EDC’s versatility. And while I do have an Olight S1, it’s practically glued to my ball cap as a headlamp until I get Convoy’s head strap.

Doesn’t running 10440’s burn out the driver?

I’ve ran one on a Efest10440 for as long as I could on high and it didn’t burn out the driver or kill the led. I wouldn’t recommend running it on high for extended periods of time on a 10440 if you don’t plan on modding it because the led sits on a thin aluminum mcpcb.

Interesting I saw just going to swap the driver in mine, cause other people said after running 10440 they could only use it in high. Mines the copper version though, with 219b.

Does the copper one also have an extra tailcap without switch?

The outside of the Lumintop tool is anodized…there is no way that the twisty cap, with the keychain stuck to the end and the claw touching the body activates the light. It would have to be stripped of anodizing on those spots for that to happen. The cap is probably screwed down far enough that the least little bit of pressure activates it. It happens in nearly all twistys…even flexing them from side to side can activate them.

That may be a possibility in the copper version…I haven’t used/modded one of those. I’ve only modded the aluminum version that has the XP-G2 led.

Nope but I would love one.

I checked by pushing on the tail cap and it was definitely not that. I think it’s probably due to slight imperfections/dings in the anodization but since any flashlight carried in a pocket with keys, etc. and/or dropped during use will eventually develop small areas of bare aluminum, it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

A copper tailcap with magnet is not available. Aluminum cap fits but looks like… you know what I mean. And it will not hold the weight of the Copper tool. I tried to get Kiriba to make something to fit, even plain finish but he was not interested. So I modded my own.

Inside are 2 magnets. The one you see is 12mmX3mm and between it and the battery is another magnet stacked it is 8mmX2mm to make up the space in the tube. More than strong enough to hold the light on any steel surface and the copper contscts the surface, not the magnet. Shortened the tail cap a lot to get it to fit.

More pics in this post link

I tried glueing some magnets to the tail of some of my AAA lights. I did not like carrying the lights with magnets on them. They kept grabbing my keyring, since I pocket carry, not clipped.

fwiw, I discovered that the Eneloop batteries I use, are highly attracted to magnets, so now I have some magnets in key locations, and they can be moved wherever I want to stick a light (that does not work with LiIon batteries)

A pair of magnets sandwiched above and below the map strap.
The light will hold to the magnet but releases easily when pulled away.

cell phone magnetic holder on air vent

magnets on my fridge

Magnets in my camper

moral of the story, Magnets will hold a light that uses primary or eneloop batteries, but not LiIon batteries…

The Tools with Electronic switches will operate on High Mode only while on LiIon, until voltage drops below 3.8v

Magnetic tailcaps for the tool are available on the bay for about 5 bucks… black only.

I suspect we will be seeing a Copper Tool with Electronic tail, after the massdrop on Brass Tools is filled… there are over 2800! sold already… :slight_smile:

Very true, the tool that my wife carries has a few of those imperfections but she doesn’t have a twisty cap to try with hers. I did build one for a guy a few days ago that had both caps…I’ll check with him to see how it’s working out…maybe if I wait long enough, he’ll burn a hole in his pocket and call me, lol.

Something smelly i guess…
Thinking of getting a copper Tool, nice coupon around for GB, but the tailcap is a bit bulky, and with that switch boot sticking out like that… Hmmm…
I guess i could cut a piece off and solder a copper disc in it.
No magnet for all i care.
We’ll see. Maybe next month, maybe tomorrow. :wink: