【Lumintop Torpedo 007】Impressive look, Greater Durability

LUMINTOP Torpedo 007 Release. More Details Pls Visit: LUMINTOP Torpedo 007

Impressive Look

The shinny look and feel will hit you when you hold up the torpedo 007. It is not the pure “eye candy” but also
full feature. The compact size is Perfect for occasional use as keychain light, pendant or the decent gift for female. Friends. Lastly, The built-in tritium glow-in-the-dark in the switch is neat and helps you locate your light in dark.

Greater Durability
Yes, Torpedo 007 mini stainless steel gift flashlight is way way tougher than aluminum. it will provide better wear and corrosion resistance than aluminum. We do not expect rust in the next 20 years. Isn’t it?

Excellent Heat Dissipation
The copper circuit house completely improve the thermal conductivity on this stainless steel torpedo 007 flashlight. With etched cool “flames” on the gold plating ring on the front head makes a amazing decoration also.

Hope you could say more about this little Stainless Steel light~
BTW, It is already pre-sale on amazon~


Is "Length: 264.8mm" a typo?

It is 64.8mm…Typo :((

Bump~ No further discussion about this light?? :X

Seems very sweet!

Very unique and cool design! :slight_smile: I like the Trit in the tail switch. Curious of the price though too. I do like the modes and design.