Luminus SFT40 LED - Beam Shots (Convoy M21c; unofficial)

I’ve experienced the same phenomenon with inverted pink-green shift in the past. Very weird indeed.

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huh, i definitely did not know that, thank you!

No, you are correct. I wasn't clear about what i meant. everything is relative, and in my experiences with trying many different emitters and tints is I (me personally) often cannot see the "hues" (red, green) as well without comparing a LED to another for reference.

What i meant to say is, when comparing any of my sst20 4000k or 2700k to my xpl-hi 4000k or 2850k they look yellow. not green, i didn't mean to say green earlier if i did. the sst20 4000k i have are from FireFlies only and they are very good bin (FA4) and not green or overly yellow. But when compared to an xpl-hi of the same cct, they are yellow where the xpl-hi is rosy-er. although the most recent xpl-hi 4000k 5D available from Hank (an emitter that has been known for being beautiful and rosy/pink) are much less rosy and more yellow.

I put SFT-40 in BLF A6 and in WildTrail D80v2. I measured almost 27kcd throw in BLF A6 with SFT-40. 116kcd in D80v2.

“Details are in ”What did you mod today” thread”:What did you mod today?

g_damian - Thanks for sharing! that is awesome! and great results with the D80v2 and the A6, those are great numbers for those ligths especially at 2000 lumens!

A quick beamshot comparison I made tonight of 3 awesome lights. The main reason was because I recently modded the Astrolux ea01 with a sft40. It really increased the throw, I will get around to measuring the Lux with my mix meter eventually. Just wanted to share. The furthest trees are around 300 meters based on google map

EA01 sft40


dt8 w2

all of them

Really cool stuff Artie, your doing some good simple mods. I near at the point to do reflows. Thought I had everything then discovered I need solder paste as well as solder wire! But my flashlight tool kit is growing by the day.

So awesome to hear! I am glad you are getting there! And once you buy all of this stufff you know exactly what you need and don't have to buy again for awhile so that's good!

I did my first kite complixate mod the other day. I changed 7 emitters in a FireFlies E07x pro. It was my first go round with something with a auxiliary led board.

next up - I'm doing two driver swaps on older Emisars. I'll document them both. Cheers buddy!

Is the EA01 with xhp50.2 still a better looking beam?

hmm… better looking? maybe… but they ar ejust quite different. the EA01 with xhp50 (i remember raving about that beam back when it came out) is really nice and very useful because its so large. the beam on the SFT40 mod is MUCH further thrower than both sst40 and xhp50 of course, but i wouldn’t say nearly as useful as the xhp50 version. If i had to pick just one, it may be the xhp50, just because the light is useful for more things. the sft40 is just more fun i would say. It out throws my Noctigon KR1 W2 easily, and is brighter. I cannot say the same for the EA01 with sst40.

Thanks Artie. I remember you liking the earlier version.

I really did. And i'm actually pulling the SFT40 out of this EA01 to send over to another BLF'er so they can mod an awesome and WORTHY light with it! so i will most likely put the xhp50 back into the ea01, instead of the sst40 it came with. your comment reminded me of how much more i liked the EA01 with that LED. Plus, when the sst40 version arrived, i got slightly angry blue on turbo from it.. kindve disappointing from a stock light running a 9.6 amp battery.. ohwell, shouldn't happen with the larger xhp50. maybe ill finally try a dedome on it. i have a couple extra xhp50's so i can mess around a little bit with it. I remember TomE saying that dedoming the sst40 in the EA01 was not that impressive, so i wont try that..

I received the L21a SFT40 yesterday, and this light is Awesome. So far, the largest reflector i have used the sft40 in has been Simon's M21c (see first post), this light Really shows how awesome the SFT40 can be! Plus the light is just beautiful! I have comapred it to the K1 sbt90.2 and the Emisar D4S V2 with Osram W2 below.

Awesome work artie. That l21a is giving the k1 a run for its money

Nice beam shots! Curious, does the L21A lights take a 26650? I have a vintage L2 from 2016 that looks exactly the same as the L21A, but it's a 26650 light, about 10 mm shorter than the L21A spec, and much lighter at 364g, 459g w/26650. Head diam is probably the same.

I don’t think it does, when 21700s were introduced to convoy lights Simon changed the nomenclature for almost all models and they now specify if its 18/21/26mm, with the exception of some S and C8 series

Then he separated the flashlights into 3 sizes S/M/L and each size category gets different models A/B/C/etc which is the letter at the end, it’s quite confusing…

Thanks, Jared! It definitely is, I'm going to do a quick comparison tonight or tomorrow of the L21a sft40 and the K1 W2.2 CULPM1.

And, Im desoldering the SFT40 in that astrolux tomorrow, and shipping it out Monday. I cant wait to see it in the TN31!

Will34 is correct, the L21a is a 21700 only. but it does look exactly like the L6 of "yesteryear", although i think the head is smaller on L21a (is your L6 single 26650 a 75mm head or a 64mm head?).

I feel i am partially responsible for the silver ano L21a, as i kindve harassed Simon (i asked him a couple itmes lol) if he could do the L21a in Silver ano and brown like the L6. Well, first i asked for an L6 with a 8amp 3volt driver, and he said no dice, so then i asked for the L21a silver lol. I was never a fan of the 2 x battery lights (L6 with large tube, L7, etc) so i am really excited to see Convoy completing the L21a line with these 2 new colors. Tan is next! probably xhp35 HI 4000k or GT FC40 4200k.

Oh, and regarding weight that is interesting the L6 you have is lighter, because this L21a is built like a TANK. it handles the heat from the sft40 and even the CULPM1 very well.

L2 was smaller than a L6 - think you got your LED wires crossed . I got 2 old L6's, one in black, the other silver/raw ano.

The L2 is 62 mm at the bezel of the head, but the widest head spot is like 64.5 mm, same as listed for the L21A.

I remember Simon mentioned L21A is a L2 with 21700 batt tube(same as M21A is a C8+ with 21700 batt tube…). iirc, it was also stated in 1 of the L21A listing.