Luminus SST-70, a sample tested

Dedoming it would likely fix the high Duv, doesn't it?

Thanks djozz. :slight_smile:
Seeing the numbers I’m not sure it will outthrow XHP35 HI E2. I’m seeing 160 djozz-cd/mm² with 20% dedoming losses while XHP35 got 172 koef3-cd/mm².
Now…koef3 got better cooling and your lm are known to be a little high (though his might be as well).
So…seems like the same ballpark to me when it comes to throw.
Efficiency is within error margin as well (comparing at the same luminosity).
So…it’s much like a bigger XHP35 with dome and CRI70-only.
GXB172 would be great for it. It’s sad how this driver is still not easily available.

Thanks to the existence of “XHP70 drivers” it is possible to get some stock drivers configured for up to 4.8 - 5A driving current in ∅22mm size. User Windforce did some testing over a Manta Ray XHP70 driver bought from AliExpress, see Testing boost drivers' thread.

Of course ;-) I found rock-bottom price seller for the Manta Ray XHP50/XHP70 drivers:

  1. ∅22mm “XHP50” max 3A 5-mode unit.
  2. ∅22mm “XHP70” max 4.8A 6-mode unit.

Drivers look the same, only different firmware I'd say.

My guess was based on very rough eye-balling, so I’m sure your calculations tell the better story :slight_smile:

I’m in progress of building a Manta Ray C8.2 2S with LD-B4HV driver and XHP50.2. I would love to try this LED out for increased throw….

KD says in stock for a 7500K emitter, $6.80 sounds pretty ok.

It’s a pity it’s 7500K. I’ll probably buy one and test it anyway…

Uh 7500k…

It’s really easy to see that the SST-70 is a very new LED, meaning to achieve high brightness bins, you need a high CCT to achieve them.

No go for me with that color :(

djozz thanks for the testing. Since the die is closer in size to XHP-35, it would be nice to see testing at 12V, with a chart comparing XHP-50.2 also at 12V, and XHP-35, which is only available in 12V. That way, we could see where the SST-70 really falls between those two regarding output, voltage, and current. Is there any chance of that happening? :innocent:

No :innocent:
I do not have enough energy/time/dedication etc. to do all that. Even if I would promise it I will probably keep doing fun stuff first and this will end up nowhere (I have broken a few promises in the past, could not get myself doing it).
We need a HKJ of led testing for that, who is never tired of doing vast amounts of tests. Me I just pick out a promising led every now and then.

Well, thanks for taking the time to give an honest and respectful answer. And thanks again for the testing you’ve already done, both on this and other LEDs. :wink:

I would love such a never-tired led tester on BLF who has all the fancy equipment and produces new led-tests weekly of every led that hits the market. We are really blessed with HKJ, who is around this forum for longer than I and has done soooo much work over the years.

I did a fraction of what djozz and maukka do for some LH351D LEDs and could barely bring myself to do it. It’s so tedious but it really is helpful and referenced for years

Edit djozz's chart, halve the x-axis current figures and double the y-axis voltage ones. Done. ;-)

On the other hand, being this an early sample test, should we expect some sort of improvements?

Hope for some high-CRI versions soon.

djozz, thanks for everything you do. You don’t owe anyone any of it, so it’s awesome that you take time to provide us the data.

Hopefully this will see HCRI, same as Luminus is rumored to have planned for SST40

A curio of this emitter: all dies are unequal. Upper and lower dies are different, being each side a mirror reflection of the other. Comparatively the XHP50A die is composed of 4 equal (XP-G2?) dies laid each at a different cardinal angle: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°.

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 05:48

These are not even mirror reflected. The upper ones have both terminals at the same edge while the lower ones have them at adjacent edges.

I didn't mean it to be interpreted that way Agro, so I edited my post. Each side is a mirror reflection of the other, plus above and below are different.

A unique footprint which allows to know at which angle of rotation is the emitter when zoomed in an aspheric build. O:)

I removed “early” from the title and the OP because with a flashlight mod already shown and KD having stock, the SST-70 seems so much around that I guess that I tested a normal production sample.