Luminus SST-70, a sample tested

Hope they make a 3v version of this die, would love to upgrade some of my old throwers with it.

Will this led fit on a XHP-35 MCPCB?

It is a 5050 led while XHP35 is a 3535 led.

Thanks Djozz!

There are design file for this emitter on the Luminus website:

But still no datasheet.

Looks like they don’t have the sst70 anymore. Any other sources people know about?

Looks like a very promising LED given XHP50 output in smaller LES footprint.
Bring on the high CRI versions :slight_smile:

At least bring on the 5000K version.
KD has 6500K in stock now.

This is definitely an emitter grabbing my attention. I’ve done more digging and calculations and it really should be identical in throw to a dedomed SST40 with a 1/3 wider hotspot and 75% more power draw and lumens. Ordering some from KD now…

I agree. We don’t have many large area (>4mm^2) high luminance LEDs. XHP35 HI is close to this but 12V is a pain and you can’t really drive it very hard. Sliced XHP50.2 has decent but not great luminance. Of course the SBT90.2 is awesome but it’s nice to have other options.

What host are you thinking of putting it in? If only it were 3V…

I have two hosts in mind. An old Yezl Y3 that I think can run the 6V emitters on the stock driver pretty well (fairly certain I used to run an XHP50 gen1 years ago before I tore it down for some reason). One of the best reflectors around in my experience. I expect close to 300Kcd from it properly driven.

I also have an old K40M. This would drop in perfectly (centering ring aside), not lose any lumens, and triple lux probably. There’s just something about that MTG2 that doesn’t allow me to displace it so far

Also, I think it’s the perfect LED for the NI40 that I’m looking to acquire as well. Something about that host is just so attractive to me. (I know - I’m sick ahah) It’s too beefy to waste on an SST40 or WhiteFlat, but too small and under-powered for the 90.2. This emitter justifies that host to me… once I find and choose a driver.

Regarding the 90.2, I think a single reflector soda can style light with massive heatsink would be appropriate: closest thing that comes to mind is the Acebeam K30. The FT03S, NI40, etc just don’t make enough sense to me considering the power required to get the luminance from it. I have to be very selective these days to save my wallet.

This would be great in 5000K and no dome in a GT.

Thanks for the graphs Jos, very helpful yet again. A member here got a Haikelight with 4 of these emitters in it and one promptly burned a black spot in the center, under the dome. China was shut down, he was very upset about the issue, and I offered to fix it for him. I got 4 new ones from Kaidomain that are 2 bins higher than what was in the light to begin with, used a bit larger wires, did some bypassing, managed to see 16,200 from the 4 SST-70’s at start from 8 Samsung 25S cells freshly charged. It does 10,000 in high but steps down to 9800 pretty quickly. In Turbo it sure makes the heat! But I do believe he’s gonna be happy with it, although there’s a bit of a shadow in the center for some reason using the factory centering rings. According to your chart, it must be doing some 250 watts! Reason enough for the heat I presume. :smiley:

Love having these charts to go by to see if there may be more in a light, keeps me on my toes. :wink:

You’re welcome Dale! :slight_smile:

Has anyone dedomed SST-70 already?

I began experiments with slicing it. I suspect successfully dedoming will be very unlikely so I went straight to slicing. It’s difficult to get a close slice because of all the bond wires, and I think removing that last few hundred microns is crucial to getting good luminance. With the SST40 I can slice very close on the area without bond wires, but I can’t slice the same way with the SST70 since the wires surround the die. I stupidly did not take throw or output measurements before slicing, and I have not yet measured the throw after slicing. So unfortunately nothing concrete to report yet.

SST-70 datasheet is available now at Luminus homepage. :smiley:

Thanks for the notice, I added the link to the OP :slight_smile:

Well it is about time!

I had checked the status of this emitter a few weeks ago and it was still MIA. I’m hoping they expand the cct/cri range of their bigger chips. And I hope they bring back the sbt70 as well. 9mm² is a bit much for practical usage where luminance is a priority. Somewhere between this and the XHP35 is the sweet spot IMO for emitter size.

What’s odd is the highest listed flux bin says only 3327 lumens at 5A and 85C.

It messes with my mind anytime I see reference to the SST-70. I dunno why, but I feel like it should be a 7070 LED (like the XHP70). But then again, the SST-20 is 3535 and the SST-40 is 5050 so it’s clear that it doesn’t like up with Cree’s XHP numbering scheme. Now that I think about it, the SST-40 and SST-70 are both 5050. It’s just one is a single die vs a quad-die. :person_facepalming: