Lunar Eclipse In About 6 hours...

For anyone who cares, is in the right location, and has the right weather conditions there is a Lunar Eclipse in about 6 hours.
You can look a news sources for your area for more specific info but I thought I’d give a heads up for those few who might be interested.
In the continental U.S. it’s the northwestern areas with the best views but in my location it will be a partial eclipse at best since the sun will be coming up right about the time the total phase begins.
It’s not as interesting as a Solar Eclipse but it’s different in any event :slight_smile:

I will be having a look if I can stay awake that long

Still haven't purchased my telescope. Damn flashlight hobby!

2100, you don’t need a telescope for this one! I had my telescope out earlier but it’s fogging up (it’s icy cold) and I’ll be watching with bare eyes and with a pair of binoculars made for sky watching.
The penumbra (lighter shadow of the blocking body…the Earth in this case) appears first and several hours later the umbra or dark shadow will appear.
I’m staying up for at least the penumbra.
I have some software (skywatching program) that I’ve had for a long time but haven’t used much until lately and I just noticed today you can turn the Earth’s shadow on and zoom in to the representation of the Moon and see exactly what is happening.
I learned at the same time that this software models the moons of Jupiter as well so the software can show me in real time the exact positions of the 4 visible moons around Jupiter which I can then verify with my telescope.

About to start here.

I know you don't need a telescope for this one, but i think i want a telescope view. Else it's like youtube. Binos view, well, still not too good.

The Moon fills up the view in my binoculars. I’m talking about 15x70 binoculars however.
It’s going to start here in about 10 minutes. I sped the program up and can see that it will be more than an hour into it before the lighter shadow (penumbra) has totally covered the Moon and it will be two hours or so before the darker shadow (umbra) starts to strike the Moon and 3 hours or so before that totally covers the Moon.

The most visible sign with the naked eye should be an orange tint at the peak. (Great for all you Warm tint fans..) Peak is at around 14:30 GMT.

We have fog that gets thicker as morning approaches. The Full Moon is still punching through (with a larger halo) but it’s possible for the fog to block things before the Moon is obscured enough to notice.
Hopefully it won’t get that thick but most of the stars have already disappeared.

Clear view from the balcony of my flat, but those darn clouds are blocking as of now!

Ok...i'll take my 7 x 50 with me. TOTAL ECLIPSE as of now.

I was able to see everything except the last 10% as the fog rolled in big time. It was pretty dramatic looking once the dark shadow started covering the Moon from the top down.
I ended up getting my telescope back out in addition to using my binoculars since Mars and even Saturn (later) were out. The viewing conditions weren’t that great for Mars or Saturn but the Moon show was quite good!
I’m following the rest of the show on my computer using the simulation program! It’s still in the totality phase and it looks like it will be for another hour or so. It’s daylight now so it doesn’t matter anyway!

Weather is as 100% clear here and air is clear (I use Indonesia as a gauge, the sodium street lamps are really clear), so pretty low sky glow. Very nice, see lots of stars even with 7 x 50.

It's 10.46pm here.

Would prefer to experience a total solar eclipse, as i have never experienced that before.