Lunar sale at Armytek is officially open!

The Moon changes phases — Armytek changes prices!


50% OFF on tactical, multi, and EDC flashlights

1. Withstand fallings from up to 10 meters and immersion to the depth up to 10 meters.
2. Operate on rechargeable and regular batteries of A, AA type.
3. Provide light for up to 200 days without recharging or replacing batteries.
4. Feature a unique design: a series of EDC models with a golden bezel is available again.

FLASHLIGHTS from three lineups are TWICE as BENEFICIAL!

PRIME — EDC flashlight for repairs and service work, late evening walks and cycling.

PARTNER — tactical flashlight for night hunting, safe evening cycling and everyday tasks

TIARA C1 — compact multi flashlight for active leisure, travelings, fishing, repairs and service work.

Follow the link below and pick up YOUR flashlight with 50% OFF!



“Sorry, it seems that we have no shipping options available for your location.
Please check your shipping address and contact us if everything is okay. We’ll see what we can do about it.”

To bad. High shipping costs kill the deal.

Same here.

Same thing - No shipping to the USA?

Some models ship from USA with reasonable shipping rate, add the wrong thing and shipping goes bonkers.

Got a tiara and c1 on the way, thanks!

Just testing on the shipping. A $22.50 light costs $35.00 to ship to UK from China.

Yesterday a Sofirn D25L cost me $15.99 with $3.99 shipping from China.

Still, nice anodising Armytek.

$35 shipping is not happening my friend.

Huh, shipping cost more than the item??

I can buy a $10 light with free shipping, they are making a killing on $35 just for shipping, never mind the light.

Yeah, and looks like the ole "one for you and 2 for me" trick.

Hello from Armytek! I see a lot of comments here regarding high shipping costs. The thing is that we haven’t changed any shipping costs. At this moment we ship the orders over $120 for free, you can see this info on our website. If the shipping is very important for you, then you can place the order for $120+ (for example, one of our novelties + the flashlight from the Lunar Sale) and get the parcel with free shipping.

Please, write to and the manager will solve your problem.

Do you still accept only paypall payments? Im living in turkey. and in my country we dont hace paypall

Where do your lights ship from?

mine came from china. and they took the batteries from the package…

At this moment, yes. We’re working on solving credit and debit card processing problem on our website.

If you need to order using credit card processing, you may contact and our manager will help you make a payment using credit card

It depends on their availability in stock. If we have the lights in stock only in China, then, we ship from China. If we have them in the US stock, for example, then, we’re able to ship from this warehouse. You can see it on the website while placing the order. It shows possible options with costs. For example, you want to place the order and there are three options of shipping: From China (Express delivery), From China (special line) and From USA. It means that the products are available in Chinese and American stocks.

I know that there were a lot of complaints regarding the availability of the items in US stock. The new products will come to the US stock near time, so you’ll be able to order our products with lower shipping cost and faster delivery.

Hmm, this is really strange. What flashlight did you order?