Lurker finally registered

Hi, been lurking for a while but finally registered so I can participate in group buys, etc. I've got 15 or so flashaholic lights and the number is ever increasing! Usually carrying a Tool AA 2.0 Nichia and FW3A SST-20 4000K. Howdy from Texas!

Welcome to the forum milk!

Make yourself at home, milk!

Since you belong in the fridge, maybe your nickname should be the cooler king.

Thanks y’all, glad to be here!

Same, long time lurker but I registered recently as well. Welcome.

Welcome to BLF milk. 15 flashlights already - dang!

Tell us about your worst light .

I wonder if it has a milk-powered battery.

Hmm… I like pretty much all my lights. Maybe my Massdrop Tool AAA Cu because they mixed up the Cree and Nichia orders. But I have some parts on order which will hopefully fix that!

If that's your worst light, then you have about fifteen very good lights.

Years ago, when I didn't know better, I bought some fairly crappy flashlights.

Ones that aren't even worth mentioning.

But lately, I have a much better track record.

It sounds like you do your research and only buy quality lights.

I mean, I have my share of turds laying around from years ago (see below), but I don’t count them; plus about a dozen microstreams, also a fenix HP25 that isn’t amazing by today’s standards, but stays in my vehicle with lithium primaries as an emergency light.

But like I said, been lurking for a while and soaking up info. I’m happy with what I’ve got so far! :student:

Well it certainly looks like you’re off to an amazing start. Welcome aboard, milk (and you too, GDF)!