Luxeon HL2X

Looks like Lumileds has a successor (?) to the Luxeon V2 - the Luxeon HL2X. Physical construction looks somewhat different, almost more like a Samsung LH351C or D…

looks good

Interesting! Hopefully they add more CCT options; 3 seems pretty limited.

The 4000K is more efficient than the 6500K(!)

According to the datasheet the typical light output at 2A would be around 700 / 750 lumen.

They already have more CCT’s listed on the big part sites so it’s inevitable. However, 70 CRI only baffles me. Producing a new LED with one CRI seems so….

great find, let’s see when the reviews come in

Huh, should have googled it when I found the HL2X on the Lumileds website, looks like they are coming out with 80 & 90 CRI variants: here. Also, it appears Mouser is already listing it and although I couldn’t find comparable reel sizes for the Lumileds TX, it looks like the HL2X is roughly half the price.

This is one I’m excited about.

The datasheet is updated to show 80 and 90 CRI.

The more I look it just looks like a slightly tweaked Luxeon V2, which is probably not a bad thing cause that is a decent emitter.

It appears like you could order 1 of each from DigiKey:

If you click on lead time on the 4000K it shows today and the 5000K shows 10/1, YMMV? I’m not going to be the guinea pig on this one since it’s only 70 CRI atm, but maybe someone else wants to be.

This is great news (90cri) :smiley:

Really have a good feeling about this one

Same. I’m still playing with 70CRI V2s, so I’d be interested in trying both.

Currently I have a newborn daughter and complete parts in-had for at least ten separate builds/mods though, so it will wait.

Mouser has 90cri part numbers non-stocked and a few 80cri as well. Most of the desirable ones are 4000 MOQ. 3080, 4080, and 5790 however are 1 MOQ w/ 10wk leadtime. I don’t know if this is a mistake but I’m going to order some 5790s and see if they cancel my order.


Sounds good to me

I think I’ll order some 4080. I happen to have an XM-L2 “Easywhite” (nominal 4400K 80+CRI) in my SC62w to compare to…
It could be cool to forget about them completely and have them arrive next year!

Actually, the 4080 and 3080 say they are stocked and can ship immediately.
$7.99 minimum shipping so I grabbed 5 of each 3080 & 4080. I really hope someone can scrounge up the 90CRI parts for testing.

Mouser wants 4k+ as you said, and Arrow wants 20k+ for MOQ. Can’t find it anywhere else with quick googling.

If the tint on these are as good as people say the V and V2s are, then even 80cri could be a pleasant beam. Unfortunately, I’ve become so sensitive and spoiled lately that I really have a hard time accepting less than optimal color reproduction. Skin and wood are dead giveaways to bad spectrums and I happen to have a lot of that around

I either missed that last night or it changed since then. I wonder if they were on order already and just came in. Sunday seems unlikely, but who knows. Hoping the 5790 responds to slicing like the lh351d and warms up to mid high 4000s. Otherwise, it’ll be a daytime only light

The V and V2 are so good I still use them despite the 70CRI, and in the case of the V despite the 4040 footprint.

I oughta quit being a butt and try some I guess

No, if you like your CRI and don’t need more output, don’t bother.

I have 4000K Vs in my D4, and 4000K SST-20 in my FW3A. I compare them best using three of my cats (the three with reds and browns in their coat). It’s pretty significant. The only way they look better in my house than under the SST-20s is in direct sunlight. The Luxeon Vs manage something similar to my house lighting, which should all be 80+ CRI 5000K LEDs.

Where they really shine is comparing to anything Cree ever made. I also really prefer the V to the SST-40. Performance is remarkably similar and warmer CCTs can be had, plus they fit (barely) under Carclo optics. And in reflectors there’s no noticeable tint-shift across the beam to me.