Lytecells , 4x the power of lithium, 8x faster charge, 3x lighter

In production now.

Well, if they can overcome the huge issues posed by cathodic material limitations, then they’ve got a winner on their hands in terms of cycle life.

I really don’t get the other claims though.

4x the power is believable if they are using graphene/non-layered carbon on the anode and low internal resistance cathodes.

3x lighter is a big stretch depending on chemistry, but doable considering the fact that they may be comparing power dense lithium-ion cells vs power dense lithium cells.

The claim I have a lot of trouble with is the 8x faster charge rate. That is completely innaccurate if you take 2 cells of the same capacity and modern high power cell designs.

Oh well, until this thing goes into production with several, even just short-term actual use will I get excited.

I have read several discoveries at near this magnitude but until now we are stuck with lithium_ions.

Has the company turned a profit since 2014 or have they relied fully on venture capital $$?

Is the charge profile even compatible with current chargers?

I’d be extremely surprised if they sell single cells as retail, none of the current cell manufacturers like us using the cells as we do, they don’t want the liability.

They say they are safer than Li-ion batteries, but the main question is what the Voltage range is.
They are / will be producing 18650 cells according to their site.
But i highly doubt they’re interested in private consumers buying a few cells for vaping or flashlights or whatever.

Until we have some in hand to test its just talk and trolling for investors.
Wake me up when cells are shipping and i can “add to cart”.
And do point me to datasheets too.
I couldnt find any.

Where is Elon Musk on this?