'm from China. Nice to meet you.




acebeam jetbeam

yes Welcome to China

He is a general brand in China

Brother, you are really funny.

I use translation software, maybe not specially prepared

acebeam There are many products, because the price in my place is much lower than in foreign countries.

Instead of clicking on "reply" it's best to click on "quote" so that we know who you are talking to.

Thank you for your suggestion to understand that my Chinese English may not be particularly clear.

Your English is way better than my non-existent Chinese.


I am using google translation, laughing

I tried posting in chinese using wingding font. Did not work well. :neutral_face:

Need unicode.

You can try it with google translation

Wth are you advocating greater use of the quote button ??

you are clearly not in your right mind .....No soup for you !

Quote Button is Life. Quote Button is Love. Quote Button is Peace.

ALL HAIL THE QUOTE BUTTON!!! :smiling_imp:

EDIT: Oh yeah, by the way: Welcome to BLF! :partying_face: