'm from China. Nice to meet you.


I’m a flashlight player. You can contact me about the handlight made in China.


It's nice of you to join us, ml18220630!

thank you

Can not upload pictures, can only use links, unfortunately

Here's instructions on how to post images, but it's in English:


Picture Link is too hard for Chinese users

HI, great to have you here. Can you extend the info on your involvement in flashlights branch? Are you the flashlight enthusiast? Producer? Retailer?

All our national forums can upload pictures directly.

Amateur :smiley:


:+1: good
… Same as me. Have a nice time here

thank y

Where in China?
Pls share some of your lights. thanks



Which Acebeam lights do you have and what is your favorite one?

Can we use the English language please?
Podríamos usar el idioma Inglés por favor?
Можем ли мы использовать английский язык, пожалуйста?
Pouvons-nous utiliser la langue anglaise s’il vous plaît?
Kunnen we de Engelse taal alsjeblieft gebruiken?
Můžeme použít anglický jazyk, prosím?
Können wir bitte die englische Sprache verwenden?

We visited Kunming & Lijiang last month, very nice region of China.