M2 Convoy Parts

Hey Guys my First Thread…er kind of double post here…sorry admin my bad

I Purchased the M2 Convoy and the Bezel was loose on arrival(no big Deal)…So, I Snugged it up and it came loose again (with in 1 week) but this time I lost the BEZEL,LENS and the O-ring (seeing the clip has the lite facing down).
So my question to the Forums is… Where can I purchase the items I lost ? or does anyone have some extra they would part with ?
I was really like’n the M2 but I can not get the seller to reply to my request. So, I thought I would ask about it here……….

Thanks in advance

The manufacturer’s store is on AliExpress:


If you send Simon Mao (the owner of Convoy) a message through the AliExpress system, he might be able to sell you the parts you need as a special order.

If you can get the parts and you don’t plan to modify the light in future, you could always put a bit of threadlocker on the bezel when you reassemble it.

thanks I will try to send him a MSG…and i was thinking of doing the Thread lock on it right before i lost the parts :frowning:

The o-ring should have kept it from unscrewing on it’s own, they’re usually fairly resistant to turning even when properly lubed.

Nope the Lite came in the package and it( Bezel) was unscrewed…

When Mountain Electronics gets the Convoy M2 host back in stock (I got one in the mail yesterday), you could replace your lost parts. Cheaper than buying a new flashlight.

That is where I got the original Lite from……NO ONE even bothered to reply to my request to buy more parts from them…

So, No Way in HELL would I buy from Mountain Electronics again.

Well, I got a reply from Simon Mao…He said they do not have extra Bezels…so I guess I have a SPARE Parts Lite…Still going to buy another M2.really liked it.


Well, that’s certainly your prerogative but I don’t recommend writing off Mountain Electronics so soon. First, it’s not a big company. There’s only the owner doing most of the work, with his wife helping with shipping. Second, how long ago did you try to contact him? He does usually have a backlog of messages that he works through as he is able. Also, on rare occasions, messages can get lost entirely. He’s a human, so he does make mistakes. But, he’s generally a great guy and will try to make everything right when he can. Finally, let me say that we’ve only ‘heard’ your side of the story so far. We don’t know exactly how you tried to contact him. Nor do we know what tone you used in your messages to him. Don’t expect sympathy from us if you’ve been unreasonable or rude (not saying that you have, we just don’t know). Mountain Electronics is one of our very favorite sellers around here, for lots of good reasons. If you haven’t done so, you can also contact the owner here through PM. His name is Richard and his BLF user name is RMM.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, welcome to BLF! :innocent:

I tried to contact him 3 times……No joy.
The place came highly recommended…BTW and the reason I bought from there….I knew about it being a small company so i gave him extra time to reply

I figure If it takes over a month to reply to 3 request it is time to move on. (although I think I called him Dave in my first Email so that one might have gotten circular filed right off the bat)

Fasttech here I come…………

Well, can’t argue with that.

This happened to me at first. Are you trying to contact him through the website? If so, some people are not able to get messages through to him. I sent three messages just as you and he didn’t get one of them. I tried on a different occasion as well with no response. In contrast, when I leave him a pm from the forum, I have not waited more than a day for a response. So if you’ve already sent a pm, then not sure what to say but if not give it a try. I’ve found Richard to be a great guy and he actually works very hard at replying to messages.