[M4D deal ACTIVE] Rofis R4 groupbuy (XP50.2 / 21700 / angle head)

Hello my dear friend!

Here is the groupbuy for thew new:
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XHP50.2 2300 lumens
Head Rotation Magnetic Charging
21700 LED Flashlight


Product name: ROFIS R4 XHP50.2 6Modes 2300 lumens Flashlight
Brand: ROFIS
Model: R4
Emitter Type: XHP50.2
Peak Beam Intensity: 10413cd
Max Output: 2300 lumens
Range: 204M
Mode: Low, Mid, High, Turbo, Strobe, SOS
Lumens: 20lm, 240lm, 900-600lm, 2300-900-600lm, 1200lm, 900lm
Battery Configurations: 21700 Lithium-ion(Included)
Impact Resistant 1m
Waterproof: IPX-8 Waterproof
Carrying Strap: Clip
Color: Black
Weight: 97g
Size: 134mm x 28.5mm (Length x Body)

Package included:
1 x New Arrival Rofis R4 Flashlight
1 x 21700 Battery

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That’s interesting. Looks like it looses the moonlight mode the R3 had, and still didn’t add a second notch for head-down deep clip carry - but the larger size makes sense for a work light.

I wish this had USB-C recharge and powerbank function instead of magnetic charging.

Anyway to buy this cheaper without the battery?

maybe when its on the market for some time?

No moonlight and stepdown even in high mode…
Why?! For God’s sake, why…?! :person_facepalming:

Out of stock everywhere. Is this discontinued?

i guess so

Appears Rofis is out of business, website is kaput