[M4D deal ALIVE]: Astrolux S43S really US$ 27.00 + review video + pics + LEGO

Hello my dear friends!

Astrolux S43S (copper head) only US$ 27.-

SHOP link for full specs and ordering

just use the link above and my code MS43S to get my discount ;)


- Ultilizes 4xNichia 219C/XP-G3 LED.
- Max output of up to 2100lumens.
- Boasts a peak beam intensity of 8500 cd and a throw distance of up to 184 meters
- High efficiency constant current circuit
- Intelligent charging module with a micro USB port charges Li-ion battery rapidly
- Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish.
- Over-discharging and overcharge voltage,with charging indicator light to show the battery power.
- Ultilizes toughtened ultra-clear mineral glass with with anti-reflective coating,TIR lens.
- With hidden battery check function, and breathing light displays battery voltage
- Comes with a survival hammer great for outdoor survival and tactical.
- Waterproof in accordance to IPX6
- Inpact resistant to 1.5meters.
- Tail stand capability.

read the full: User Manual


the 18350 body is included - the 18650 is sold optional!

slideshow available on my blog: https://m4dm4x.com/astrolux-s43s-copper-head-video-review-pictures/
or find many pictures below ;)


I will have to see the stainless body and how they do the knurling, if any. Iffn its just the same body as the S43 then I’d not be interested.

I wish I’d known the S43S would be out so quick and I would have got this, not the S43

the S43S is not stainless, but has a copper head

Astrolux called their stainless lights SS


i stand corrected!

That copper head looks so beautiful. I hope it performs well too!

I was just hoping that it was what the S42S coulda/shoulda been. Oh well.
It does look much better than the S43 tho. :slight_smile:

I’m in for 1.

Will that head/bezel fit on my S42S body?
If so, I’m in for sure.


code and price added to the OP ;)

mails to the people on the list will be sent now

Thanks, ordered

My resolve crumbled, ordered one. Very happy with the plain S43 I received yesterday. With USB charging, might be able to offload to someone.

thanks guys!

I ordered mine. But, why did it say Pre-Order? Then, on the final order confirmation screen, it said it would be shipped Oct 19, which is today.

Danm your codes…! :smiling_imp:
I could have resisted $29. :person_facepalming:

chinooker, I know what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

i made a short review:

and some stills and detail shots:

  • ASTROLUX S43S preview
  • the box
  • whats inside
  • Astrolux S43S
  • Astrolux S43S (charger side)
  • nice lettering
  • Astrolux S43S
  • beautiful copper head
  • notice the "thumb pocket"?
  • cool fins
  • charging port closed
  • charging port open
  • USB Type B port
  • sealed flap
  • flat
  • not easy to open accidentally
  • the hot quad - 4x Cree XPG3
  • TIR lens behind protection glas lens
  • bezel removed
  • under the hood
  • under the hood
  • nicely cut threads
  • the optics
  • glase lens is AR coated
  • tailcap thread for "attack pin"
  • lanyard hole
  • double springs to reduce resistance
  • short (18350) cell tube
  • S43S in short configuration
  • S43S in short configuration
  • S43S in short configuration
  • S43S in short configuration