[M4D deal] AMUTORCH XT45 SBT90.2 -> $59.99

Hello my dear friends!

i got a new groupbuy for you:
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Amutorch XT45
SBT90.2 5000lm 5700K 5Modes
21700 Powerful Tactical Torch

the first batch is expected to arrive in 15 days
preorder start today!

use my code: M1607 to get my deal: US$ 59.99

Updated on 05/15

Grey has been discontinued. Please the friends bought the gray version contact customer service to change to black, or ask for refund. The black version will be shipped next week.

Some lamp beads are difficult to order recently. So sorry to keep you waiting.






Emitter Type

Luminus SBT90.2

Colo temperature






Moon,Low,Medium, High, Turbo
with Temperature control function & Memory function


Conductive end, phosphorus-copper spring.

Power supply

1 x 21700 battery (not included)


Tail forward mechanical switch.

Shell material

Solid integrated lamp head, Aeronautical Aluminium alloy, Military regulations oxidation super-abrasion resistance.

Reflector system

Metal vacuum plating reflector cup.


Tempered glass with high transparency.


141mm x 45mm x 26mm (Lenth x Head dia. x Body dia.)



Interested but i need more info about it, reflector, driver details and the switch...?

I need more info about the switch and modes?

Interested but want more info about driver and UI. The Nightwatch NI40 had a great host that was wasted because the timed step down occurs too soon to make use of those heat fins.

i added the specs from the product page above

Moon,Low,Medium, High, Turbo
with Temperature control function

Looks to be the same with this one. The NI40 was also a Temp. controlled step down. Not anymore for mine with the EasyB mod changing drivers. We should not have to do that!

Nice looking light and very good price. Even if the driver is crap you still get a decent host and a $40 emitter.

Good info. Would love to know how aggressive the temp control on this one is. If the temp is set too low like in the NI40, then that would put the light to waste

My guess it would be the same or very similar to the NI40 which is:

2.Temperature control, 50°C will step down . That is 122F,Waaay too conservative.

Needless to say there would be no reason for me to get this light even if it had NO step down.

For others, it will be nice for the ones who know how to mod or do not care about sustaining high output for more than 1.5 to 2 minutes!

Would love to see a review on this one before ordering. We need more SBT90 lights.

LOL for this size light even with great heat dissipation we are probably looking at less than 10 seconds on Turbo before it gets uncomfortably hot to hold. No idea how much power is run through High, so no idea how long it will run. For such a small size, similar to Sofrin C8F (21700). Just not that practical a light, maybe a “Wow” factor light at inital startup :).

Still fun, but not $60 fun :slight_smile: LOL

Less than 10 seconds?! Lol!

I totally disagree and this is because of my experience. I have the NI40 which has the same LED and a similar sized torch. So far I have been able to run that at least 5 continuous minutes on max output. As summer gets here, it will probably be around 2 minutes before I have to turn it down.

Does this have a tactical/forward “on/off” ability without going into another mode? You guys know how much that pisses me off. Otherwise, looks to be a great light.

Any news on the reflector/driver/switch type? Maybe a picture of the front end? I would like to get one but needs more details. Thanks!

Nice factory pics Max :+1:

Hi Martin, do you have any insight as to when Banggood is going to ship? I got a notice yesterday that it'll be another two weeks. I'm trying to determine if I can trust that and if I need to cancel and order from Neal.

Thank you

I ask them!

Hi Martin, have you by chance been able to contact them yet?

TThank you,


I did not get an answer yet