[M4D deal] Astrolux A02 EDC $11.99

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Astrolux® A02
SST20 High CRI 378LM Mini LED Keychain Light
Lightweight Everyday Carry
AAA/10440 EDC Flashlight Clip Penlight

Astrolux® A02 SST20 High CRI 378LM

groupbuy price: $11.99
regular deal: $13.99 (code BGA03)

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Model A02
LED Beam Luminous SST20
Output 378 Lumens
Irradiation distance 89m
Light intensity 2000cd
Modes 3 gears (Moon – Mid – High)
Runtime Moon-0.6lm



Battery 1x AAA Alkaline battery or 1x 10440 li-ion battery (not included)
Continuous working time 4 hours
Waterproof IP67
Drop height 3m
Weight 24g
Size 92mm x 15.4mm (Length x Diameter)


Ultra Bright: This mini penlight gives out max 378 lumens. Super bright in a dark or lit room and lasts quite 4 hours with moderate use(keep on) on just one alkaline battery(not included), sufficient to light your way and light small dark spaces.

Pocket Size: This flashlight is small and light enough to slip into a pocket, backpack or purse. Super Mini size is lightweight and small enough for EDC and fits in the palm of your hand. Only weighting about 24g.

Clip on Flashlight: With a clip, the pen light could also be used as cap light for your convenience. Easy to clip to your belt, remove it if you don’t need it.

Skid-Proof Water-Resistant Design: Suitable for cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Our flashlight set is made of high quality aluminum alloy with no worried using in rain, snow or emergency situations.

Safe and Warranty Guaranteed: High-Efficiency and Great Output LED Chip with over charging protection, short circuit protection and reverse connected protection.

Package included:

1 x Flashlight
1 x Holding clip
1 x Packing box
2 x Waterproof ring


I’m always interested in any AAA/10440 light…
However, this one looks rather large?


Interested but will wait to see ui and price :beer:

Interested depending on UI and price


Interested, depending on UI, size and price

Not exactly my kind of a light…but close enough. In depending on further details.

everything is perfect especially the color choice but why the greengarden they have to add that crenelation around the tailswitch????!

who the heck carry a small AAA light with lanyard and its not long enough for tailstand either! cut those two lil thing off and give it a better 360 access to tailswitch

ffs flashlight manufacturer need to consider carrying their lights before making one instead of just copying designs which include flaws for free


This thingy looks actually nice. Interested.


They looked at the popularity of the Tool AAA and made their version. They did not copy the compactness, but did copy the one annoying feature of the Tool: it does not tailstand.

interesting. not bad almost 400 lumens… what led is the high cri, nichia ?

It has no side button, it is not tailstand, it does not seem particularly small, too smooth, it lacks knurling for a better grip, I do not like the design very much, I am definitely not interested.



i’m in

if only they provide more led options, sst20 is a great led at high lumen, but the tint shift at low lumen is kind of deal breaker