[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN

Hello my dear friends!

today i start the interest list for the upcoming

with a Luminus SBT90 Gen2 LED

preliminary specs:
* Luminus SBT90 Gen2 LED
* 5000 Lumen
* 220 kCd

* we expect a price under 70 USD (the LED is very expensive)
* codes will be sent to all list entries at once!
(if you wait with placing the order first batch might be sold)

you can also send a PM to request the code

[update 3.Jan2020]
i asked Neal when they are back in stock and he anserwed:

Neal also paused the code until the open orders are fulfilled.


pictures from the prototype:

Just sent this mail (with the code)


you are the first 20 (out of 150) to place the order!
If you do not want to buy within 24 hours let me know so I can give your spot to the next in the list!
the next batch might take 2 or 3 weeks

I am definitely interested in this one

Yep put me down thanks

Interested :smiling_imp:

Might be interested but depending on UI.


Ooo yes!

Servus Martin,

Thanks for the nice groupbuy opportunity. Form subb'd and very much interested into this model. Some information about the driver specs and the UI would be the icing of the cake. ;-)

as soon as I get updates...

Submitted. Battery type?

I would certainly be in for one.

Interested. Slightly better performance than a dedomed XHP50.2 FT03 whilst being much smaller :open_mouth:

Definitely interested.

Waiting for UI and driver type which will determine the ability of sustained max output.

Color Temp.? ~5500K?

Arrhh gosh…already have thrower FT03, now come another one… :smiling_imp: nvr mind :wink: (why I rather be a moder)

For me, it seem to be completely different output if you take a look at lumen, candela, led size compare to other like xhp50.2(4000lm ?somewhat lower cd)vs sst40(2000lm more cd)

I’m INTERESTED just tell me what kind of battery and driver were used to get the above measurement 5000lm 220kcd

If turbo can be memorized and is in the mode sequence, I’ll probably buy 10.
For this type of light and rear clicky switch, turbo needs to turn on with single click at a moment’s notice to scan around, not double click.
You can still make double click from any mode for turbo if you want.

220kcd? hmm (confused) is that correct? the K75 is making 1562.5 with the same emitter :neutral_face:

Interested. Do you know what the actual throw will be with SBT90? Thank you

Their numbers seem to be a bit exaggerated. I dont think they take reflector and lens loss into account. It’ll probably be around 4400 lumens 200kcd.

Well it says 220kcd which translates to 938m of throw. It will probably be a bit less, maybe about 900 but we won’t really know till someone tests it.