[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN

The first post said in bold print that all code entries would be sent at once… but his post just now said 20/150? I thought it was going to be 150 all at once lol. Maybe I’m confused about what a “list entry” is.

According to their numbers it wont be noticeably more intense but it’ll have a larger hotspot and brighter spill.

“Their numbers?” Perhaps you understand the language being spoken in the video? What numbers were shared? I didn’t see any numbers anywhere in description or any other upload.

Still didn’t got anything...

Aaahhh, I think I understand the system. M4D M4X is sending it out numerically. When you stood in line.
If I’m wrong, please correct me. In the mean time, I’ll be waiting my turn.

I sent it to the first 23 (3 skipped) on the list

people entered later need to be patient a few days ;)

if you got the response mail you are on the list and will get the code when stock is available for you to order

(maybe pre-order if we have a close delivery date)

I meant on their website.

You have to select desktop view if you’re on mobile to see the full page.

Edit: I realised it still doesn’t show properly on mobile.

Here are the numbers:

SST40 Dedomed: 1900 lumens 190kcd 872m
SBT90 Gen 2 : 5000 lumens 220kcd 938m

Are we going to receive a PM or email and if its an email from whom?

Can it take flat top batteries. Also how’s the tube size, do you see any brand of batteries that would have fit problems.

Please add me to the list.


I expressed interest on this thread on the 8th (post #40). I don’t think I gave my email at that point.

Will only people that gave their email be getting the code?

It looks like I was # 11 who said I’m interested ( in post #21). and I had submitted my email prior. I got the initial email instantly saying I’d get another one later with the code but have gotten anything. Can I get the code to order? Thanks

Neal got very limited stock in 1st batch

so I decided to send the code to the first people in the list only.

when he has the new stock near I send the rest of the codes.

he hopes that will be in 2 or 3 weeks


I guess I wasn’t in the first list. Timeframe wise I seemed like I was one of the first… ok…

please PN me the email you sent in the Form so I can tell you which place you are in the list.

Can you clarify list. Check out my question post 79

Hmm yes same here, I thought I gave my email and I was 3rd on the list saying I would get some but no code ether. maybe I need to be an insider?

I only sent the first 20 codes to people who participated in the email list via the Form provided in the OP.

if stock allows I will send it also to people who did not, but posted here. PMs take a lot effort and with the phone only connected to the world its pita.

hope you understand