[M4D deal updated] Lumintop EDC18 $39.95 (FW3A in a classic body)

Hello my dear friends!

You have a FW3A (or C) and you love:
– the choice of LEDs ?
– the fascinating Anduril UserInterface (by toykeeper) ?
– the compact size ?

but you miss:
– a side switch for usage in a “regular” grip and not cigar/tacticool ?
– a magnet in the tail to multiply usage scenarios ?

Maybe you are interested in the NEW:

Lumintop EDC18

i will add the specs and more details as i receive them…

get the best offer at the start and be in the first wave of people to order!

-> codes go out according to the date you expressed your interest!
(in case supply needs to limit the orders)

please use my form or just post below to show your interest!
i will use the date and time of the entry regardless if form or forum ;)



Hello my dear friends!

Unfortunately the LUMINTOP EDC18 that was reviewed by me here is different in another point than those mentioned in my review!


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the groupbuy starts @Sept 9th 2019 with a special "launchdeal": $35.-
after Sept 20 the groupbuy price will be $39.95 (regular price is $49.95)
-> make sure to be on the list to get the price at launch!

the Bezel will NOT be glued to allow the user to change the optic or install glow gaskets to personalize the light.

battery tube/tailcap is one part - no contact issues!
electrical lockout possible!
tail cap includes a magnet

available LEDs choice (at launch)
- XP-L HI 6500k (2800 Lumen / 200m )

- XP-L HI (5000k)

- SST20 4000k (~1700 Lumen )
- nichia 219C 4000k (~1600 Lumen )

Anduril UI and the lumen/throw rating are identical to the FW3A

if you are interested in a optional 18350 tube vote here: https://forms.gle/dx9mTG1TNvSR2QJu8
(only if enough want to buy we might get a small run!)

Interested. Specs please?

Cell type

Interest depending on price also

any chance of getting auxilary light?

I’m interested. Nice looking clip. Glass lens?

If this doesn’t have Anduril, or at least the Olight UI, I’m not buying it.

I would like to see a good SST-20 (below BBL) 4000K 90CRI. And maybe the ability to changed optics and emitters in case of emitters that are not good.

Interested depending on price and body colours :+1:

I’m in.

i saw you on the form ;)

I think they will use the button bunny as Aux light.


it has Anduril and same LEDs as FW3A ....

do you want to be added to the list?

Rechargeable … ?

Yes please! Thanks Martin



Will this be mod friendly?


Interest depending on price and also specs

How easy it will be to swap emitters? Is that shiny ring in front of the optics press fit or screw on?


Any possibility of having faux anodized Ti rainbow colors? :slight_smile:

Oops. black is beauty-ful.