[M4D deal] Xanes XT03 groupbuy

Hello my dear friends!

Today i present you my newest groupbuy:

OSRAM P9 900 Lumens
Magnetic Tail EDC
AA/NiMh/14500 Battery

my Code: MXT03 your price: US$ 10.99
no signup – just use my link and the code above!

XT SERIES – Tough, fully waterproof, environmentally-friendly, brand LED and cost effective.
XANES XT series are made for those who need a reliable, bright and quick to regain power flashlight,
Which is good design for outdoor activities such as cave exploration, hiking, camping, and night walks etc.

1. Utilize one OSRAM P9 .The lifespan up to 5000hours with maximum output of 900 lumens.
2. With the flashlight off, long press the switch 2 seconds to turn on and off the indicator switch light.
3. Six light modes contains : High, Med, Low, Moon, Strobe, SOS
4. Flat tail cap contains the strong magnet.
5. High efficiency constant current circuit.
6.Aerospare-grade 6061 aluminum alloy body.
7. Waterproof to IPX-7 standard.

please share your thoughts and let us know when you pulled the trigger ;)

Hi Martin, this one looks very interesting. Xanes can surprise, especially with those recent inventions.
Did you happen to know if temperature management is present?

good question - i ask about that!

How about the UI?

These are the modes, but how they operate?

Thanks for pointing out this light!

had my eyes on this but unsure about their actual specification is accurate.

can you confirm with the manufacture?

im keen for 2 :slight_smile: yeah im a sucker for AA lights :disguised_face:

Does this have an electronic lockout? 14500 battery included?

No battery included.

But not too bad for a $10 light. (Magnetic tail cap, an ok lumen to cost ratio, IP-X7, options for AA and rechargeable, a low lumen output allowing 20 Days…)
It would make a great gift for someone, so I am interested to get one. As for buying one for myself, I already have a few lights that are better, so this one would just end up on the shelf.

Any idea how many lumens on Eneloop on high?

Looks interesting.
Has any one tested the Osram P9?

Please search for Wuben E10 reviews, it uses also P9. Sorry can’t give you links now, it’s hard for me when using smartphone.

No test, only part of the review I did on the Wuben E10 with that LED: “REVIEW”: Wuben E10 – Osram P9 - 1200 Lumens [Beamshots - post #15] (Pic Heavy) - #15 by MascaratumB

Other reviews of the light here:
1stein: Wuben E10: pictures, impressions
M4D M4X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8odoSGX00Y
ChibiM: [Review] Wuben E10 (1200 Lumens) Osram P9

And the info on the led here:



Are the Strobe and SOS hidden or do you have to constantly cycle thru them?

As far as I remember only constant in the cycle. Strobes at 2-,3-click

Heck of a deal but a no go for me if the blinky modes are part of the cycle. Not real fond of that.