M4D M4X´Blog - One place, ALL codes... introduction and Q&A

Thank you for all that you do to bring us the discount codes.



Registered with the same name. Thanks!

Registered and thanks for the deals...

Congratulations Martin. Registered and waiting for the access.

registed. waiting for confirmation. thank you very much Martin! Good Luck! :+1:

As I have to confirm that I’m not using fake data, but as the same time I’m required to enter my real Name, Adress and so on - this is unfortunately a no-go for me.
It’s not a question of trust in you, Martin. But sites get hacked, data is lost, stolen and compromised, thus i prefer to leave my personal data and adress only if there is no other way.

I can understand you reasoning behind prompting users to enter that info though!


For everbody concerned with private data - contact M4dM4x and a solution will be found.

I understand that he has to take precautions in order to avoid bots an other unwanted visitors, after all this should be a place for people who love flashlights.

Lots of deals in there, nice search and low prices as we know from the threads here.

hi Martin,

Missing a way to recover password.

yes,I already forgot my password.



Registered yesterday.

Great idea, hope it works out how you expect it too.

I’m on too, looks like a good idea to me.

Aside from group buys, I fail to see the point in creating a personal space. The goal is to gain earnings from the code issued to the poster. Who cares who gets it, as long as they "use" it.

The code is no different (maybe more beneficial) than an email tagged with "click-bait". Send email. They read. They click link in email, money is made. I don't click links in emails. I go direct.

The lights can be purchased by anyone at posted price on the website. The code linked, is small payment for marketing. The more lights purchased with code, the more profit is made.

So, why private? Why register? I am not your "friend" I want a light for cheap. You give me code to save me money, I will use your code. You make small amount from my purchase.

I suggest you make code like disease. Openly, and everywhere..to make more from use. No private "friends to see trust" only.



Make money.

I think it’s to keep other people from using his codes with their referral ID since the codes are not unique to him. I’ve used his codes before and appreciate his efforts. That said, I won’t be signing up. I value my privacy more than a few dollars off a light.

most codes are not allowed to be posted public due to MAP...

and i am not a fan of SPAM!

i prefer helping my friends to save money over playing the dirty part of the affiliate sales system :)

maybe Money has no smell, but some people do ;)

I signed up. The codes are sometimes the same and sometimes different, when they are different I understand why Martin wants to keep them private. As a perfect example of this, the light I am currently looking at is $34 with Martin’s code, and $36 with the codes from the other code-posters in this subforum.

NOW I GET IT (very expressive)

I thought the codes you provided were tied to your name.

if that were the case, then, pee like a dog

PM sent

the 45% code has been sent
please check your Spam folders and whitelist @m4dm4x.com if neccessary!

Received……i can not wait for use it!!! one week more…:slight_smile:

how to use the Code:

  • put allitems you like in the basket
  • use the code
  • delete items as long as it matches your available money


Thank you for the code!