M4D M4X´Blog - One place, ALL codes... introduction and Q&A

I am doing this affiliate thing for quite some time now, and believe me - its work! ;)

so i tried to figure out a way that gives me more time with my babies and makes shopping much easier for you!

Status quo:

in the forum there are several threads / "groupbuys" / dealposts / collections / sales / Anniversaries / and so on
might be fun to dig around for the best deal, but maybe you would prefer a "one for all" solution
also recently alot of people got annoyed with the flood of similar offers....

then due to MAP and shop restrictions one cannot easy post every deal and you have to write your trusted source a PM or mail to get a discount when you found an item you want to buy...

I try to answer asap, but work, family and sometimes sleep let a message stay unanswered for some hours :(

thats why i started my new blog: M4DM4X.com

  • with the option to register and see "hidden" Posts and Pages
    they contain deals with codes and prices - just click the link and you are at the shop
  • newsletter option
    if you do not want to visit my blog regularily you can use the newsletter to get the news once a week
  • "M4D M4X deals"
    a list which can be searched by any field and filterd by type, brand and shop
  • the group of members can be used as better buyers force to negotiate
    better deals for all of us!
  • "request a deal"
    you want an item and there is no code? tell me andi try to get you one!

to get full access you need to register here
sorry for all the questions, but i need to keep the group clean)

since my mailserver is new some people got the confirmation mail stuck in their SPAM - please do check there ;)

i hope you like what i prepared the last months :)

feel free to use this thread if you have questions and thoughts to share!


Thank you for the work Martin! Now we dont have a reason to be a pest to you anymore bothering you for codes everyday! Have fun taking care of little you!

Congratulations Martin!
I hope all goes smooth & well…… :+1:
Best regards,

Edit: Just registered. Thanks mate!! :slight_smile:

wishing your blog success

Registered Thank-you

Registered, Thanks.

Thanks man! I feel bad for asking all the time. lol But I’ve bought several.

Good that you innovate, btw I just ordered Rofis tr10… thanks Martin

Registered. Thank you very much for your work and much success for you.

Registered same name as here.

Registered. As always…thanks Martin!

thanks Martin - registered

You need to make the CAPTCHA codes on your registration page BIGGER for us folks with aging eyes! I got it, but had to switch to my “strong” reading glasses to do it!

good luck with the new blog, and have fun with the family

Registered with same name. Good inciative

thank you guys for the kind words and hints! :)

Registered same name as here.

Martin - I know there’s nothing suspicious at your end, but why is an address needed for registration?

My guess is he wants to link members on some sort of visual reference. Like a spinning globe that may be on his page.

If this is the case, state (is plenty) and zip code would be all that's necessary.

none of the data is used..

i want real people who trust me as i i trust them.

i hope to scare bots, spammers and dishonest folk away.

if we know each other just contact me for an account ;)

I was going to sign up too but asking for an address is too much.