M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

Amazon.DE: Lumintop GT MICRO -20%
versucht auch den 5% anzuhaken ;)
CODE: NYKRN9UO (endet am 31.1.)


Lumintop GT MICRO –20%
versucht auch den 5% anzuhaken

:slight_smile: Danke Martin

Hello my dear friends!

i got a Sofirn deal for our US friends:

Sofirn BLF SP36
(BLF Anduril Version)
Brightest 4 LH351D LED 90 CRI Outdoor Search Torch,
With 18650 Batteries and USB C Cable

user my Code: L6CZYAPE
pay only $49.69 instead of 70.99

FW1A Titanium?
FW3A copper/brass?
FW21 PRO 3xXHP50.2?
or just some new 18250 tubes?

-> https://m4dm4x.com/fw1a-titanium-fw3a-copper-brass-fw21-pro-3xxhp50-2/

Thank you Martin, how long will this code last?

no info - but i guess until Jan 20 or Jan 31

And GT Nano please

+1 GT Nano
Interested in FW21 Pro 3xXHP50.2
and anything with 219B R9080

FW21-PRO 3x50.2 5000k Matte Black Ano Stainless Steel Crenelated Bezel

Please less FW junk collectible editions

I already have an FW3 in copper. A TiCu FW1 or FW21 might be interesting, depending on the LED used.

I have some goals for the spring time binge…


Please make the FW21 Pro!!!

Just FYI, I ordered on 01/07 and it was delivered to California ~01/18. Boxed and packaged well. Thank you.


Many of the Astrolux and Haikelite flashlights have a 10% off for two promotion now. That is totally useless and blocks the code if you want to buy two lights. :confounded:

I hope that this promotion will end before February because first one of the lights that I wanted was out of stock and now they are both on promotion. :disappointed:

M4D M4X, do you have any idea on when this annoying 10% off promotion ends? I would like to buy two Haikelite flashlights with your code but the promotion only lets you purchase one and not save on shipping.

I will forward your question