M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

That’s nice, thank you. The 10% or 18% are automatically applied if you select two or three flashlights. Maybe they could offer a choice because your code is much better than the other offer.

That’s what kills me - they offer codes out for products then put them on 5% sale or PROMO so you can’t use the code :wink:

there are some different depertments - regular sales, different affiliate teams , etc
and they compete a bit...

new video online!

Hi, i signed up to your site. After several days no user and pass received. Have I missed smth?

i have no pending requests

please double check your SPAM folder etc
PM me the email adress and username you entered in the form

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FLASH sale: just 31.99!

Astrolux® FT03 SST40-W 2400lm 875m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C Rechargeable 2A 26650 21700 18650 LED Flashlight


Max, any chance for BLF sp36 anduril XPL with 3 batts version?
the code above still works for the other LED

Ha Martin! Used your code on a brass MF01 mini with 4000K SST20's and it came today, 13 days from ordering w/free shipping. It's outstanding!! I have an olive green MF01 mini w/5000K SST20's and these 4K's are way much better - milky white on the white wall while the 5K's match the body color, olive green ().

Popped in a Shockli 5500 26650, then in Anduril:

  • set the AUX LED to max
  • cal'ed the temp (it was ~10-12C high)
  • cranked up the temp regulation to the max of 70C (40 clicks)
  • set the ramp max to the turbo/max

and now it's all set . Batt voltage so far is dead-on as well.

These 4K SST20's in this light look great to me, as consistent as XPL-HI's and no noticeable tint shift in the spill or corona, and no signs of green.

Very happy with the brass 4K light!!

Now to grab the copper shim for thermal help :wink:

Also noticed the same with the 5000K - I’ll be putting in sw45k.

Bras does ok. Think I heard about the copper shimes - is someone selling them? I don't like the 70C limit. I already modded Anduril to max at 85C - much better for a light like this, just need to find out how easy/hard it is to re-program. I already maxed out at 70C on this mini and can still hold the light in my hand fine, but it gets hot for sure but I've held hotter.

MF01 Mini / MT07- Mod/Upgrade - Copper Heatsink Cover Plate :slight_smile:

The shim only effects max ramp. The 7135 chips overheat the MCU causing it to thermally step down after 20 seconds or so. With the shim, this changes to several minutes like it should be.

Yep, just ordered 2 shims, plus I'll dnld my version of Anduril with the raised thermal limit of 85C, from 70C.

Huh? I assumed you just set the ambient 15°C lower to get 85°.

No - much better when the firmware supports it. Again, compiled/built the latest released Anduril (464) on Atmel Studio 7 (latest), and tweaked the max allowed temp. Dnld'ed and tested a Anduril Q8 build on a Sofirn Q8 - works great!

Not sure bout the version # - now I can't find it in the repository - it's so confusing.... Think it's the latest "sandbox" version, not released.

Think at the time, the other day I pulled 464 dated 2019-12-18, and that's what I built and modified.

thank you all for your patience - china added another week where all people need to stay home to prevent the virus to spread easy

Best stock market tip of the year so far. Thanks!

Stock market tip?

Am I missing something?