M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

Sorry for off-topic. Markets have been expecting coronavirus to have little impact on global economy because everyone would come back to work only a week late. This looks like wishful thinking at this point.

Hello my dear friends!

The Chinese New Year is over and after some delay due to the nCV its time to get back into business!

Here are some new deals for you:

4x XP-G3 S3 2500LM Memory Function Tactical LED Flashlight 7000mw 940nm Long Range Infrared IR Illuminatorp

lease contact me

XP-L2 V6 4400LM 230M Type-C Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight

please contact me

ReyLight Copper Pineapple Mini
Nichia 219B 300lm 4500K R9080 High CRI EDC LED Flashlight AAA/10440 Mini LED Keychain Light

my code: M0857 your price: 35.99 USD

XP-L 1100LM High Power Dual Group Mode USB Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight

my code: M0857 your price: 35.99 USD

720lm 11Modes USB Rechargeable EDC Tactical Flashlight with 16340 Battery

my code: M5666 your price: 34.79 USD

MECO Hand Crank Solar Power Energy Rechargeable LED Flashlight For Camping Hiking

my code: M6168 your price: 5.79 USD

Woah, the Nitecore CI7 has a rotatable head to switch between 4 regular led and 4 IR leds? That’s cool! I’ve never seen that before. Just pull the head out, rotate 1/8 turn and drop back down.

I need a video. :smiley:

Hello my dear friends!

Today i present you a very nice deal for my Members and Friends:

VAPCELL S4 Plus 3A Battery Charger

M4D M4X price: $31.99 (ends 2020/3/30)
my code: M5094 (use the link above)

3A each slot ,12A in total.
Charge/Discharge/Capacity test /Repair
Automatically select the optimum charge current.
Easily choose current you want at manual mode.
Wide & High charging current choice: 0.25A /0.5A /1A/1.5A/ 2A/ 2.5A/ 3A for eachslot.
Show charging status in real-time like voltage ,capacity,temperature,time,current.
Enough space for 21700 battery, even button top 21700, PCB 21700 .
Top surface have a button top type feature to make contact in recessed battery
It is compatible with every type of rechargeable battery.
Support 4 slots charging independently without interference.
Automatically activate and repair “0 voltage”lithium battery.
Automatically calculate battery charging time.
Automatically calculate the battery percentage.
Charging protection, over-discharge protection and protection of polar reverse,shortcircuit protection .also, it can detect a broken battery.
Temperature control protection.

Keep your battery safe, most important,your lifesafety.
Intelligent power bank 5V 1A.
Certified by FCC CE ROHS.

more deals…

XP-G3 500LM 170M USB Rechargeable IPX8 LED Flashlight Outdoor 18650 Flashlight

ask me for the deal!

2pcs 18650 Basen $12.99
Battery lithium ion battery cvell 3.7V 3100mAh/40A/50A 3200mAh/40A

use my code: MBS181

Any chance of a code for the M200 high cri version?


Cant see it on any sites yet, but:

Has an LH351D in it.

Its on AliExpress for £30 approx

i ask if it will be available

the answer is YES

Ah good, I shall watch this space

Any ideas what those BASEN 3200 mAh cells really are? Rewrapped SONY's maybe with the specs bumped?

It's a decent price for VTC5D cells, but terrible price for some unknown over spec'd rewrap. Anyone know about these?

I've bought BASEN cells before but won't again til I know what I'm buying.

Any chance of a code for the skyrc MC3000 Charger?

I ask

if you are interested in exhibitions have a look here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/61066

Hello my dear friends!

i got new deals for you - please PM me for the deal
(follow my links to the shop for full info)

Speras E1 PRO
LUMINUS SST40 1700LM 4Modes 284m IPX8 Tactical LED Flashlight

1.High Lumen Output 1700lm
2.Three mode with memory mode function to choose the mode you like
3.Max running time up to 100h

Speras E1T (Single Mode + Strobe)
SST40 1700lm 284m Powerful Tactical LED Flashlight

1.Quick tail strobe
2.High lumen outout 1700lm
3.Proffessional fit for police, law enforcement, security guard etc.

RovyVon Aurora A2x
XP-G3 450LM IP65 SS USB Rechargeable EDC LED Keychain Flashlight

Amazon.com deal


Codes will be active starting: 2020-2-24 01:00
1️⃣Code: I9H35EQQ (1PCS) = 20% discount
2️⃣Code: EWYXKCVJ (10PCS) = 25% discount

Is that the right way around? Or is it 1x 25% and 10x 20%?

(Not that I can take advantage of it anyway :slight_smile: )

Olight hat morgen, am 28.2. (ab 0:00 Uhr!) wieder einen Sale!

Mein Link: https://olightstore.idevaffiliate.com/105.html

die Perun und die M2T Warrior gibts mit bis zu 40% Rabatt

für nicht herabgesetzte Teile könnt ihr meinen 15% Code nehmen: M4DOL15

eventuell gibts ja eine interessante "Mengenrabattlampe" ;)

mein deutsches Review zur Perun kennt ihr hoffentlich?


new Video!