M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

Great video. While I prefer USB-C charge and standard batteries, I have no issues with Olight using proprietary batteries and magnetic charger. In fact now that I own so many Olights, I became quite fond of their very convenient universal magnetic charger. Also most of their lights can use standard batteries except they cannot be charged with the magnetic charger.

Anyone wanting to try an Olight, please don’t get discouraged by negative folks scaring you about the proprietary batteries. Olight makes flashlights with by far the highest build quality and most efficient drivers in the entire industry.


i hope you like to be teased ;)

Can’t wait… PayPal ready!

Hi Martin!
Just saw the code for the On The Road 311. It is around 12€ higher than on their AE store without the code, and still 9€ higher with the code…

Banggood is…expensive these days…

Thanks for the codes, though :+1:

this? https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dXtCnj5

good price indeed!

Precisely! BG is way higher, even with codes :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hello my dear friends!

Thank YOU for showing interest for the new Lumintop models so we could get them!

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3500LM 750M 18650 THROW EDC FLASHLIGHT +18350 TUBE

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CODE: M4DFW3A gives you 20% OFF

Martin, thanks!

Any details on the C8+? What the UI is? What the amps are? What features the driver has? The CSLNM1.1 is quite different from the CSLPM1.1, yet the listing has only the spec of 700 lumens/1000 meters spec listed, so which is which? We know one of those LED's has better throw, less lumens so the #'s can't be the same.

I was stupid and bought one of the ones in the Other Flashlight category last night because I missed out this time. Who knows what the difference between the one in there and the C8+ section item is…

i got the base one with aluminium MCPCB
the driver is a 8x7125 l-m-h-strobe-sos :(

i get 450 Lumen and 139 kCd

Ahh, ok. So that means 2.8 amps. 139 kcd is 745 meters - not close to 1000 meters spec'd. Ouch on the UI! Agree :(

Something is quite wrong there... You are only gonna get so much out of the LED with 2.8 amps. For me that leaves only one option - driver replacement. Was wondering about that alum MCPCB option. Maybe the ones with copper MCPCB have higher powered drivers? I wouldn't risk 4-5 amps on an alum MCPCB, unless it's DTP.

1000 meters is 250 kcd. Dunno, may be do-able with 5 amps W1? Probably...

Funny, not sure you were around in the HD2010 and C8 days, maybe 2012-2013 or so. But the HD2010 was known for it's direct FET driver - a rarity to get high amps out of a stock light at the time. They used the same driver in other lights like C8's, UltraFires, and other brandless lights. The amps were only limited by the springs, LED wires, and battery resistance. So one day I used a hot cell in a C8 with that driver, but of course the LED was on a cheap alum MCPCB, and the LED de-soldered itself while running the flashlight! Thos cheap alum MCPCB's are a heat trap for sure!

He also has copper MCPCB
and i asked hin to get a better driver for next batch ;)

but for the privce a nice host to paly with (or still impressive muggle light!!!)

Will have to disassemble the other one and get a 5A convoy driver… I think I have a 20mm WF1 on copper MCPCB around somewhere. So realistically I’m just buying a host, blah.

C8+ w1 is sold out …. the price is very good at $23.99

I got the one from here:

But yeah nobody wants the Alu one lol

Order placed for the HL3A. Thanks Martin :+1:

All depends on the quality of the alum MCPCB. Charging $4 for a copper one is a bit high but I'd rather pay it then take chances with a pricey Good LED on a unknown aluminum one.

instant blue @ 5.4 A ;)