M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

wut? I thought official limit is 4.5-5 amps, but to push it, up to 6 amps is being used. Instant blue? You mean if it's on a poor alum MCPCB?

what about this:

Now torture test. Torture for this emitter will be any cell in Samsung 30Q rang or better if used in FET DD setup which of course will pull a lot of current. So in mine test emitter survived over 7A of current draw for more than 3 minutes(for couple of times). After cool-down it did not loose initial properties(performance remained the same) which implies that emitter is very robust. This were mine results. I also found that mine test subject had best performance at around 5.8-6A (1200FC)

This was posted here in the OP: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/53735

What driver did you recommend they use? If sticking with 8x7135 at least offer it with the 12 group 55 mode driver from the xpl c8. The 4 mode 5a driver from the sst40 convoys would be sweet

Is the current driver the one where its lo-mid-hi and it blinks on low after 3 seconds?
How many amps is the current w2 model getting?

do you get what you ordered? bg is working normally?

neal and banggood send what is on stock

only some manufacturers (their suppliers) are delayed with new items)

Amazon.DE: Sofirn BLF SP36 nur €48.99

Servus mitnand!

Ich habe mal wieder einen Deal von Sofirn bekommen:
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Die BLF SP36 hab ich inzwischen lieber als die Q8 ;)

Sofirn BLF SP36
Anduril, USB C, 5650 Lumen, 352m
4x Samsung LH351D (5000K 90CRI)
im Set mit 4 18650 Button top Batterie

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I hesitated on the SP36 deal…
Any chance of a $50 code for a BLF SP36 XPL light?

Hi ” M4D M4X “.
I have used your codes to buy a HAIKELITE MT09R on 3 separate occasions with no luck. 2 times it was out of stock, and the last time it was in stock when I ordered it, it was shipped and was confiscated by customs and now Banggood says it is out of stock again. I requested a refund for the 3rd time. Are they not wanting to sell this one with your discount ?
I previously purchased 3 flashlights with your discounts with no problems. :open_mouth:



I doubt it has anything to do with the discount price. Banggood are the people supplying MadMax with the coupon price. If BG did not want to sell it for the discount price they can simply not offer the coupon.

Haikelite may simply be low of stock and have not produced a new batch of MT09R in a while.

Customs is unpredictable. How did you buy it the first 2 times? Did they show it in stock, but they were actually out? Like a stocking error?

I doubt that that the shop prefers which discount you use..

Servus mitnand!

Nachdem das Interesse groß war, habe ich für SONNTAG, den 15.3.2020 nochmal einen 40% Code für die:

Sofirn C8F
Leistungsstarke taktische Taschenlampe mit
3 XP-L-LEDs, maximal 3500 Lumen, 21700 Akku, 4 Lichtgruppen, 1 bis 7 Lichtstufen 2 Schalter
inklusive Akku , USB Kabel und Ladegerät

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  • Neue Funktionen: verbesserte Bedienung, Akkustandsanzeige durch beleuchteten Seitenschalter, Temperatursteuerung, Maximalleistung bis zu 3500 Lumen
  • Die 3x CREE XP-L LEDs mit neutral weißer Lichtfarbe erzielen eine Reichweite von 299 Metern. Mit 4 Lichtgruppen und bis zu 7 Leuchtstufen oder stufenloser Helligkeitsverstellung steht eine sehr vielfältig einstellbare Bedienung zur Verfügung die allen Anforderungen gerecht wird. Die Strobe modus ist nicht in der normalen Schaltreihenfolge enthalten und braucht daher auch nicht immer mit durchgeschaltet werden
  • Betrieb mit einem 21700 Li-Ion Akku. Mit beiliegender Adapterhülse kann auch ein 18650 Li-Ion Akku benutzt werden
  • Hergestellt aus einer 6061 Aluminiumlegierung mit anodisierter Oberfläche und nach IPX8 wasserdicht. Die C8F ist bestens für verschiedene Outdooraktivitäten wie z.B. Wandern, Campen, Erkundungen oder auch die Gassirunde geeignet.
  • Lieferumfang: Sofirn C8F, 4000 mAh 21700 Akku und Ladegerät, Lanyard, deutsche Bedienungsanleitung, Adapterhülse, 2 Ersatzdichtringe

Hello my dear friends!

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Sofirn SC31B KIT $12.49
1000 Lumens, 5 Modes
Rechargeable LED Flashlight 18650 Battery Included

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Sofirn SP31 v2.0 40% OFF
Cree XPL HI LED Max 1200 Lumens,
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Amazon.DE deal
Sofirn SD05 €27,47
CREE XHP50.2 LED 2550 Lumen,
Underwater Waterproof Light
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that 31b looks dam nice for $12.49 !

31B kit ordered. Thanx again Martin!

Picked up a 31B Kit. Thanks

Osram c8+ out of stock
Will they be changing the driver?


I nodded mine with WF on copper and a BLF A6 driver

215kcd ;)

Picked up the 31B at AMZ US. Thanks.