Mace and pepper spray?

Anyone EDC pepper spray / Mace?

Looking for overall impressions and comments.


I EDC SABRE Red Pepper Spray.

It's cheap, and it's used by law enforcement.

It has UV dye and tear gas in it.

I buy mine off of eBay, but here's an Amazon link with a good number of reviews:

I've never had to use it, and never tested it, but I feel much safer carrying it.

I carry SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot range (also purchased via Amazon). I carry it just in case I run into an aggressive dog while out on walks. So far I have not had to use it.

Although I grew up in L.A., I’m in Miami and have my CCW, so I don’t ‘need’ to carry something else.

Where some of you live, I guess it’s better than nothing, if you can’t carry a gun, nor a reasonable knife?

Foxx Labs is the brand to look into and know your local laws.


Our agency uses Fox Labs. You’ll find several variation; some are water base some are oil based, some have UV dye some are CN or CS enhanced. I’ve been around pepper spray and CN/CS my whole career. Tear gas CN/CS is manufactured and hence you’ll need permits in some states. Pepper spray is much more effective than tear gas. UV dye has him glowing under a UV light for 3 days even after he thinks it’s all washed off. Police tend to use water based because it’s non flammable, tasers and spray are a great/bad combo. Oil base burns longer and harder much better than water based it also throws better. 2-5% works best and usually is hotter than the cheaper 10+%. Higher levels tend to sputter more than spray. After using toss and get another can, residue on the nozzle effects the next use. If he’s worth spraying don’t be stingy can are cheap and no one dies from spray alone. Wash well after use cause it’s on your hand soon to be used to scratch a nose or rub an eye. Tear gas enhanced pepper spray is a gimmick pepper is so much stronger and as fast. Baby shampoo and time for detoxing, sucking a few antacids also helps.

Cool thanks everyone.

DPS Pepper Spray is the best you can get, as it hits harder than SABRE defense sprays.
real brass knuckles

I carry a Sabre red, it was not cheap here (because of shipping) but worth the price.

Tried several time even tasted it, really tasted like hot chilli.

I don’t and never have carried any kind of spray. Though I have wondered about it. I would prefer a non lethal option before I have to, literally pull my gun. I carry knives too but yhey require you to be entirely too close. I thankfully live in a state where I can carry spray but, for some reason I have never looked into it.