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DFSeries operation video

DF03 Brass-14500-3*SST20:https :// ? ref = myi_title_dp & th =1

DF03 Titanium-14500-3*XPL HI:https :// = myi_title_dp&th =1

F6 Aluminium-18650-XML T6:https : // ref =myi_title_dp

F12 Aluminium-18650-XML T6:

(Double click to enlarge the video) (If you use your phone to watch the effect will be better)


DF03 -14500-3*XPL HI 5000K Titanium alloy product demonstration video

Photo details
Titanium button at the end, mechanical switch
1.5*6 tritium tube can be used

Amazon Warehouse products have both blue and green backlighting options
If you need red backlighting, it needs to be shipped from China


DF03 Brass DF03 -14500-3*SST20 5000K Product Show Video

DF03 Brass material products show

Amazon Warehouse products have blue and green backlighting options
If you need red backlighting, you will need to ship from China


F6 Aluminum-18650-XML T6


F12 Aluminum-18650-XML T6

How does the UI work? Is this an e-switch or mechanical switch?

Will this be in the store? Green auxiliary lights is fine also

Hello. The flashlight's MCU is programmed to set 10 dimming modes. The playability is very high. The tailcap is a mechanical switch.

Yes,The background light has red, green and blue options. there is a background light option under the product link in the store.

Will DF02 be in the store?

DF02 will not appear in the Amazon store, this product is only sold in the mall. Shipped from China, the U.S. receipt time 15 days -20 days. the DF02 inventory is already very small.

Is it 18650 or 14500, the description says both

Are these with xpl hi or sst20 pictures and description has both again

And What color temperature, cct?


Use 14500 battery
LED:3 XPL HI 5000K

Thank you !

When you get it maybe you can post what the UI actually is, since their response was super unclear.

Nice looking flashlight, but why is the machining on the head so rough?

Is the optic something standard sourced from a 3rd party, or custom made? I’m curious to know if there are multiple options, as with Carclo (such as different blends of throw/spill).

This is the tool marks coming out of the CNC machining center.
The technician will make improvements for future production.
Thank you for your valuable comments.

Optics were purchased by a third party
Carclo is no longer able to change.
If you need SST20 other color temperatures need to be shipped from China
Receiving time 15-20 days

Thank you We look forward to sharing your experience when you receive the goods.

It’s going to be a while before I report back. Amazon Prime had a deliver window of next Monday thru December 3.

OK Very much looking forward to it

What is wrong with the clip attachment in the first photo?

Looks like a spacer on top of the clip screws to hold it down?

Is that just an optical illusion?

The clamps are held in place by screws.
There is no spacer.