Maeerxu XT2 519A 3500K Review

Hello everyone. Here is my review on Maeerxu XT2 519A 3500K 4000 lm. Thanks for a good place to share content. Please subscribe to my channel :blush::pray:.

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Looks like an awesome light.

Looks like Emisar copy…

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Apparently it’s from the same OEM that Hank uses - so no surprise it looks like that.

My feedback on the aesthetics/design:

  • The button branding is ugly/busy
  • The overall design seems to be aimed at smoother pocket-ability, but the tailcap being wider than the body isn’t good
  • The grooves in the head are ugly in my opinion, curious how they perform for heatsinking (for science, I’d still never accept that look)
  • The sharper lines of the head seem at odds with the smoother lines of both tube and tailcap
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Looks like a big improvement over their previous rear tail switch designs.

However, it does sound like the software still steps down prematurely in higher modes? That’s a problem in my older model too, the body doesn’t hardly heat up at all, but the output drops off a cliff.

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