Mag 2D LED upgrade options?

Hi everyone, I know this has probably been asked tonnes of times, but when searching and googling, a lot of the info is not very specific as to which models it applies to.

I’ve got a 2D LED, serial no starting with DL, and the 090 bulb. As far as I can tell, it’s the Luxeon 114 lumen/298 meter bulb.

What would be the best option for upgrading it? I am hoping that the 3rd gen 3D will hit Europe soon, so I don’t want to spend a ton of money or time on it.

I’ve got some 18650s lying around, and I’m guessing that it’s direct drive, so that would be an option?
I cannot find a32600 to 18650 converter for it though. Guess I can use an 26650 converter, and then thicken it.

Another option could be a bulb like this one:
Any comments to it? Would that be the best I could do, while waiting for the 3rd gen?

  • Many mag mods cost a lot of money. The 3rd gen LED mags will not be brighter or better than the expensive mods.
  • Your link is not a good option. It is for old Maglites.
  • Here is a recent thread which covers the actual battery tube business, please read it: USA Source for Mag 2D > 2x18650 Tube
  • Search around, you’ll find plenty of information on springs. The tail spring needs to be modified for 2x18650.
  • DD with 2x18650 will mean that you must use an LED setup which you probably consider “expensive.” Either an MT-G2 or a quad setup with XM-L2. Either option requires a heatsink to be built or purchased.
  • IMO you will not find a dropin upgrade which is cheap, nice, and easy.

The question is really how much money you are willing to spend. I think that the Mag LED is already an expensive light in Europe, will you double or triple that to get a better light?

Ah, thank you for the link. With all the mods needed to be done, I could just as well buy a modded one off Ebay - or wait for the 3rd gen.

Based on current prices, I’d pay around 80 US including shipment and customs for a 3rd gen 3D. Compared to my current 114 lumen 2D, It does of course throw 100m longer, but with approx the same intensity, so I am expecting a lot more flood from its 625 lumens. Is this a wrong assumption?

Meh. I can’t tell you much about the 3rd gen - I don’t really follow stock Maglite stuff very much. IIRC the 3rd gen is still using the big plastic pillar and everything… so maybe I recall that it has a very rapid rampdown to deal with thermals? I haven’t used one.

An LED sitting on a plastic bar cannot produce 625 lumens for any length of time IMO. Like I said, no stock Maglite is going to compare at all with a modded one. Paying $80 for a 3rd gen is not going to get you something impressive compared to a modded mag.

For about $85 you can mod yours and have it produce 4,000+ lumens from 2x26650. This includes heat sink, ar lens, 4x XM-L, driver, optics. This requires soldering skills and takes time.

I wouldn’t spend any money on LED mags, for the size they can’t even perform better than a $20 budget light. So after all it depends on how much are you willing to spend, and how far do you want to go with the mod.

I hope will34 doesn’t mind, but here is the link to his own Mag mod.
It is quite advanced and probably beyond the abilities of most of us.