Mag Lite XP-E

I'm in a store to get jerky seasoning and look what followed me home. LOL!

Now I was told that this is a XP-E led.

Now I paid $30 for it. But I heard another guy that bought one of these bragging on how it throws and how bright it was. The package said 114 lumens and 298 meters of throw.

I'll get some beamshots later tonite outdoors.

The beam at 1 meter is about half as small as the M3X. The reflector is almost the exact same size as my Catapult V3. So it ought to throw well with such a small led.

That's impressive...

I believe it's an XP-E (see recent thread). I have a 2D Mag LED and I believe it's the latest as it's rated on the box "134 Lumens" and "388 Meters" (bought on Amazon on Black Friday weekend sale). I recently picked up a 2D LED marked down at Lowes and that one is marked "114 Lumens" & "298 meters". Here is my post containing a beamshot of the "newer" 2D LED. Nice lights when nearly 50% off, but very narrow beam and I find them almost useless adjusted for "flood".

My next project is modding a Mag with an XP-G with the LED (rebel reflector) driven with a 3-mode 1.4A driver and powered by 3C NiMh's. I'm going for max. throw with larger hotspot and max. runtime (and trying to keep size/weight to a minimum).


Thanks buddy. I'll change the info then.

Here's a few nite shots. Now I adjusted the camera to nite mode. This is about what I see with my eyes.


Here's one at 110yds.

The other guy bragging was me. So how do you like it so far?

Yea your the guy that made me buy this thing. And I'm glad I did. I am totally impressed. Now all Mag-Lite needs to do is make a XM-L vesion and a SST-90 version with a bigger head of course. But it's worth the $30.

I have another picture to show you. Hold on.

Well that one didn't take very well. Oh well.

I'll go try and take another one.

I kinda had a feeling you would end up getting one. I think the magic word was “thrower”…am I right? Yea they sure do need to come out with a current LED Mag, that would be very nice!

This will show the throw of this Mag-Lite XP-E.


Not bad at all.

Yea I like throwers. Thanks for telling me about this one. It does very well for only 114 lumens. Speaking of throwers, I can't wait till my Dereelight DBS 3 XR-E R2 EZ900 gets here. Then I will light that barn up like daylight I hope. LOL!

the new xpe version should be 131 lumens,are you sure you got new version?

The package said 114 lumens and 298 meters of throw.

im sure that is the rebel led version, the xpe version will have 484 on the emitter.

This one has 483 on the emitter.

hmm…i dont think its the xpe.

If I remember correctly, the 3D LED is marked 484, and the newer 2D is 483. I think the older 2D was a little brighter than the newer one, something about updating it to get better battery life over brightness. It was a thread I read during Christmas over on CPF.

Hell, I'd like to see one as-is (i.e. with the original reflector) with an XML in it. I have the 2D version and it is quite impressive for a MagLite.

Thanks for the info Jay. I don't know what I got for LED. I just new it wasa super small bulb and that meant throw to me with this big of a reflector. So you know what that meant. LOL! I just had to buy.