Mag XL50 reflectors?

The original reflector in my XL50 has been hacked on too much (yes ok so I ruined it, happy now?!), is there such a thing as a replacement? I know Mag doesn't offer them separate but finding anything aftermarket that's deeper than it is tall is impossible, according to the sources I usually use. Of course, me being me, I'm not opposed to doing some reworking to get something to fit, so close is probably good enough.

Will the Minimag LED reflectors fit (I know those are available separate, and cheap)? I know the OD is close, but not sure about the overall height. I need to pick up a handful of those anyway, as all my minimag reflectors have been hacked on too...

Or other suggestions?

I finally have the crappy XL50 working nice, I built a new direct drive pill from copper tubing, Sinkpad and everything, and a unknown tint XPG2 (looks around 6500k), and with Energizer NiMH the thing is just about impressively bright! (finally!) Other than the overly-hacked reflector, which is badly screwing up the focus... it has to have a .200" spacer between the LED & reflector base to get a nice tight spot, it would have to be better with a new reflector.


sad to hear. I’d prob. just save for a new one considering they’re only 30 bucks. OR 20 bucks on ‘buy it now’ ebay.

if yer lucky u can snag those 0 bids auction for 7.99 to 9.99, though you will have to pay for shipping.

Nah, I don't like the light enough to buy another one. For less than half the money I'd rather get another TR-801 or Convoy S4, which both take standard components I already have a big pile of.

So far, Maglite is not offering any replacement parts for the newer lights like the XL series. If there were any, they would be carried by Zbattery here. Zbattery is about the only place carrying spare parts, but Maglite is not offering much. They would rather go the way of the Dodo, than offer replacement parts, since they are very worried someone will use those parts to make a mod, which they do not condone.

I know I'm being sarcastic, it's just that Maglite is so out of touch.

LOL, ain't that the truth. Would you happen to have an uncut Minimag LED reflector you can measure for the overall height for me? Mine have all been mutilated. :Sp

Approximately 24.5-25mm OAL, just using a ruler, for the LED minimag reflector.

Thanks! :beer:

The poor XL50 reflector has been shortened at the base till it's now only ~21mm tall, to get the emitter hole up to XML-size. It doesn't work well that way with a XPG, FYI. lol

4 Minimag LED reflectors ordered from ZBattery, then. :)

I ended up using one of these:, same as what comes with the Convoy S5.

...a little short, but I trimmed off some of the base of the XL50's head so it would screw down far enough to clamp the reflector against the XPG2's centering ring. The OD had to be turned down to fit in the XL50 body, and I soaked it in acetone to remove the OP and then repolished it. Made the beam much tighter with the dome-intact XPG2, the lower output (as compared to something with an 18650) didn't play nice with the OP. The front opening of the reflector is smaller than the bezel opening, unlike the stock reflector which was bigger, so more light makes it out the front now.

Speaking of Convoy, I also recently put together a S4 which uses a similar OP reflector (but not identical, it's a little taller but the same ID at the front), same overall length as the XL50, and skinnier (and has a pocket clip, and lanyard holes, and tailstands better). De-domed XPG2, 3A Qlite 105C, Sinkpad, & forward clickie (call me a heathen, I don't care. I like forward clickies). Completely, utterly blows the XL50 away, for about $15 less total cost. It looks like about 3 times as much light.