Maglite 2D LED...Can it mod to (1) 18650?

Thought I read here while back that it was safe to do.

Since the maglite 2D led’s are regulated…can they be modded to run on one 18650 without damage? 3v > 3.7v ?

I just modded a 3C to one 18650…shorter runtime…but no more alkaline worrys.


I'm pretty sure they can, the only question is whether both the 3D and the 2D have the same electronics. I'm guessing yes.

I briefly added a 3rd D Cell to a 2D LED Maglite and the current dropped to exactly 2/3 of what it was with 2 D cells. I took that as the 3D and the 2D Mags have the same driver. Based on that, I would say yes, it would be OK to run on 1 18650 or 26650.

Thanks. Those are encouraging words. I’m so sick of the torches I’ve lost to alkalines… just wait long enough…alks will puke in your tube. :Sp

How much current draw these LED mags?

I just got the same result as you. I ran the 2D mag on 3 AA Eneloops. Current draw on the 2D’s was just over 1.04 amp. Draw on 3AA Eneloops was .65 amps.

Werner. The 2D LED Maglite draws just over 1 amp on (2) D cells.

I’ve been digging through old threads…. so zombie-necro-thread away!

Based on the above information, am I to conclude that this means any emitter/driver/drop in mods that can be done to a 3D can also be done to a 2D? So long as the emitter Vf and that supplied by the cells and driver all match up, you should be good to go, yeah?