Maglite 2d

Hi Guys,

I have a 2D maglite with a 5 watt diamond led, powered by 3 cr123s as a drop in with a glass lens. Its bright but very much a flood. Given the way the lens and heat sink are made it would be very hard to mod this set up. Does anyone have a good recipe for a bright budget spot (or at least more throw than the diamond setup) LED or HID conversion for this host. I have read the ROP threads but would like to stick with 2 18650s, 2 D cells or 3 RCR123s for power.



The drop-ins for TR-1200 style hosts are more or less the size as the Mag. However, given that the host is only $15, I don't see the point.

Using the stock Mag reflector + a XP-G Emitter can turn a Mag into a serious thrower ..

I built two myself , one on my 6D - still used 6 D cells

and another on a 2D Mag

Using the stock Mag reflector + a XP-G Emitter can turn a Mag into a serious thrower ..

I built two myself , one on my 6D - still used 6 D cells

and another on a 2D Mag

Did you have any heat issues to manage (plastic reflector) or were you conservative in your current/voltage parameters?

I can't help myself, I have always liked 2 D mags. It is just that I never use mine because it is so pathetic compared to my other LED light. I hate having a safe queen, which is what my Maglite has become. Plus I love to design and build stuff!

I used some 8.4v drivers ... Emitters would have been driven , around 5Watt or to spec .. [ 5 mode from DX - 17mm ]

Im currently thinking of cutting the 6D down to almost 1D , 32500 or 32650 or something and using a 1.4A driver ...

They throw well , are they ? R3 or R4 ? Long time ago now . '

But apparently the XP-G S2 is available somewhere ? , so a XP-G S2 @ 1.4A would probably sing ...

The heatsink I have / use , there is no issue with the reflector .

The stock Mag reflector does lend itself well to single die emitters

As mentioned above, they make great throwers.

The heat produced by an emitter should not cause any issues with the stock Mag reflector, I have

run P7s @ 2.8A without any problems.

If anything I would "splutter" the reflector to convert the surface to orange peel which will smooth

out the beam.

Hi Bob,

Do you by chance have a model number?



If you insist on the mag body, these are the drop-ins I'm talking about:

They're by far the easiest way to get a cree into your light (only need some minor mods, which is the right way to go when starting off).

You'll also need 2 3*AA to D adapters, since they use buck drivers (designed for 2*lithium), the end result will use 6 aa's.

However I would also recommend getting the cheap tr1200 body anyway. You might end up liking it even more.

Thanks for the recommendations guys. I am leaning towards the P7. I have a lathe and mill so the machine work is not an issue. I will fab up a 2X18650 sleeve and run the drop in at 8.4 volts. Thanks for the hint on pulling the coating off in the bead blasting cabinet, I will do the same! I will look for the drop in on the manafont site as I have been happy with the customer service I got when ordering the UF 980l

Thanks again


I've been thinking about upgrading my 2D Maglite for a long time as well but yesterday I found some really nice looking 2-4D replacements on Manafont.

Check it out it's SKU 7525-7530

Thats a very nice light, but for me I really want to build something on the mag host so that I will not have a 2D maglite sitting on the desk that I never use and I would like to get the pleasure of making my own. For instance I machined a sleeve and twist switch for my costco LED for an 18650. Much brighter, no more battery drain. I turned off the bumps on the bezel and bead blasted the body. It was a lot of time on a cheap light and makes no sense financially. But it was fun and helps me build my mod skills so I don't screw up a nice light the first time I try something new!


So tonight I decided that I really did not like the Diamond 5 watt LED enough to not use it for a host for my 2D maglite project. So I pulled it apart and found the parts to easily host the pill and emitter from one of the costco "tactical" lights. I made a non conducting post for the bulb holder with a SS centre post and the diamond housing for the ground circuit. I turned 2.4 mm of the outside of the costco emitter housing and it dropped into the Diamond housing and onto the centre post that I made. I used a spare reflector that I had from a Lumapower Hunter M1 and the front end was done.

I turned up a sleeve and spacer for a single 18650 and it had power.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I like it. Nice throw with decent spill, so much brighter than it was. These Cree XP-E emitters driven directly from a single 18650 seem to be a great and inexpensive combo for the value conscious modder. With three lights at $20 bucks, it is a pretty cheap way to get decent parts as you (I) find your way around the DIY flashlight game.

I wish I could take and post pictures with any skill, but I feel pretty self conscious with the professional quality pictures and reviews I see up here everyday against my rudimentary skills.



Man I hear you, I have already released the magic smoke from a couple of emitters, I think a variable power supply would be a nice addition to the work bench.


I have on order this for my 2d mag-

Actually it should be here tomorrow. I'm going to use 2 26650's to power it. Cant wait to give the old Mag new life.

I put that same drop-in into an old 3D Mag running off of 3*18650 cells a few weeks ago. LOVE it!! Not much of a thrower because the reflector is fairly shallow and orange peeled but it kicks a lot of light and has a brutal strobe. Great light for walking at night and for personal defense.