Maglite 2xAA LED upgrade

Can anyone help me to know how many led upgrades have been available for the maglite 2xAA?

If I am not wrong, there are at least 4 version:

1- The 3x 5mm led version (10 lumens)

2- The 1x 1W led (30 lumens)

3- The 1x 1W led (50 lumens)

4- The 1x Terralux (140 lumens)

Is correct?

Where to find a good one at good price?


In case you haven't seen this:

That is impossible to do for me. No tools, no knowledgements....

Johnnymac could hook you up with a micro minimag

They arent even worth upgrading when the brand new latest version LED mini mags can be found on sale for $15 around Christmas time. They have much deeper reflectors and are now using cree XP-E emitters. The slightly older version is using rebel emitters. Both are superior to the mods you listed.

Yes... but I was wondering if I could upgrade an incandescent minimag for not much money, despite the upgrade is only 30-50 lumens....

New LED minimags for 15 dollar? OMG! I imagine that is only for US......