Maglite 3-4D for self defense

Hello guys,

How do you hold your maglite if you suspecting something bad going to happen? Do you hold it like a regular flashlight then if need be, slide you hands down and attack with the head or hold it like tactical and attack with the tailcap?

I currently holding the flashlight tactical style and if need be, I attack with the tail cap. My reasoning is that I can blind him and attack, blind again and repeat.
Also, this won’t damage my lens or unscrew the head for max focus.

I saw a post someone wanted a bat with flashlight and other mention why not get a Maglite. Just curious how you guys hold the Maglite.

I have two 6D MLs, but carry a gun.

I would just grab it any which way and start clubbin’.


I hold it by the tail cap and use the head like a mace. Not details in the open but a l6 makes for a good club But I’m using a thorfire s70 or convoy l6 with 26650s in it. The lens and reflectors can be replaced. Hell maglights are a dime a dozen honestly. Hit them so hard it bends the tube and buy another one. But at the same time don’t bring a flashlight to a gun fight. All they have to do is shoot towards the light

If your area is so dangerous you have to walk her to the car is it possible to move to a safer neighborhood. I imagine it’s crowded in California but there has to be a safer area. I’ve met a couple people who moved out here from California and they don’t miss it at all. They love the open space and land and be able to openly carry firearms. And guess what open carry states have less crime then strict gun states. Most people have guns in their vehicles so its kinda stupid to try something

Easiest is to hold it where the tube meets the head, and use the tail as a club. More weight in back, doesn’t bust the head/reflector/glass/etc., and this way it doesn’t go flying out of your hand even if the light’s covered in blood. :smiling_imp:

I knew someone who took pyramidal fishing weights, made a braid of fishing line (vs just a few parallelled strands), and could swing that thing with deadly accuracy and not brain himself when it’d come flying back. Glancing blows could still dent sheetmetal and head into the direction you want to target next. Fascinating to watch…

Hell, when I was a kid, even a dog-chain with leather strap/handle could be an effective self-defense weapon. best thing is, I had a dog and had a legit reason why I “forgot” to leave it home if ever questioned. More “reach” than a bat-light, I’d dare say.

Hold it as in this image except firmer, it is being held as a club for hitting with the tail cap, yet it is completely valid as a flashlight using position, it used to be a common way for cops to use it in the ready position.

Wellp, that’s the way I hold even an AA light, eye-index.

Exactly how I hold the Mag.

Short answer: I don’t. I’d rather have a proper torch than a M@g that wasn’t modded up to par.

Long answer: I’d also not rather trust my safety to a hollow aluminium tube. I keep a nightstick by my bed, and basically don’t use a car day-to-day – bike aficionado here –, so no worries over the boys in blue apprehending any “weapons” (even because where I live there’s no real legislation over anything that isn’t a firearm, though I’d rather glide below the radar regardless).

like this

I think if I lived somewhere that a walk to my car was so dangerous I had to carry a weapon, it would probably be smarter to move.

Where I live, there’s simply no other human around when I go for night walks or rides. My biggest worry is loose dogs (some rural aholes don’t tie up their dogs at night), though coyotes or bears are also a concern. For those, I carry dog spray, or bear spray if I’m deep in a forested area.

I want my flashlight to be optimized for light, not for defense. I do have a 4-D mag, but I haven’t used it in years. There are just soooooooo many better options nowadays.

Couldn’t say it better

Could always get her a fire arm teach her how to use it. And get a concealed carry permit. But as stated above if I need a escort or potentially have to kill someone just walking to and from my car daily. Time to move even if it’s to a smaller place. Move across to the rhite part of town

Would you mind resizing that, dude? Images that big wreak havoc with mobile browsers.

Where I live is not that dangerous where I need to carry a gun or get one for her. A few weeks back when I walked her out to her car around 5 am to go to work, there was a random guy just walking around. Luckily he walked pass her car before we got to it, I could see him walking a few houses down. Just got me thinking, what if we were to bump into here the next time? I do not know his intention. He could of just walking to work or going from work. Or up to no good but opportunity didn’t present itself… But just in case, better to have something handy. I rather have a Maglite than a flashlight in one hand and a pipe/bat on the other. Makes me seems like I am ready to rumble. That’s not my intention.

I’m on my phone and it was a copy paste google image

Just put {width:100%} between the exclamation mark and the start of the image’s URL. You can copy it from this comment.

If it’s not a bad area, why would you think a random stranger walking by is any threat?

In any case, if someone really is out to mug you, he’s probably carrying something more dangerous than a flashlight.

Because it was dark and he was big. I rather have something better than nothing, even if he might have something more dangerous.

Ya if push came to shove and he only had a knife you could tomahawk it at his head and you and the wife take off. Also you should look into “belt buckles” at your local mall or the internet. Also known as brass knuckles. They are cheap like 10 dollars. Some even have spikes. It would level the playing field with a guy much larger then you. I’ve seen a guy hit with a pair had to get his face stapled back together. You can even put small vertical notches on them so when you land a punch the skin rips inbetween the slots. I use to have a pair made out of lead that were notched. But a cop decided he wanted them for himself and took them. Doesnt raise any suspicious intent or ready to rumble they fit in your pocket can’t even tell they are there. And legal. Best belt buckle you’ll ever buy.

Unfortunately when it comes to violence, destruction and death I’ve seen enough for multiple life times. To the point I have to sleep in a separate room because of the nightmares

Is this a real concern or are you just being cautious?

If someone came to attack you, I think they’d be prepared with a gun or a knife. If they are crazy or mental illness I don’t see that being an issue. Why don’t you get security camera and give her some pepper spray?

Brass knuckles are not legal everywhere. I know just having them on you is illegal in arkansas, use them on somebody and you will get the book thrown at you.