Maglite 6c to led

Recently recieved a maglite 6c flashlight with corroded batteries. i managed to remove all 3 corroded and 3 batteries that just slid out. It took 3 days of ramming objects with no buisness in the back end of a flash light to remove the batteries sulrizingly a 1/4 wood bit in a crew driver handle worked wonders to wedge between the side wall amd twist making the batteries fall out one by one. im looking to upgrade it to a brighter led bulb and upgrade the reflector but im not 100% on how to and what to upgrade the bulb and if need be the switch assembly any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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6x C-cell, that’s quite a long tube…
That’s 6x 50mm = 300mm
Maybe you can fit 5x 26650 in it? 5x 65mm = 325mm.
Shorten the tailcap spring to gain 25mm.
And then with a buck driver drive an XHP35.

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I feel as if i am going to have a lingo barrier for a while haha and oops not sure how to get that to work

Okay, i didn’t read the OP too well.
You want to upgrade the LED bulb (and reflector)
Is it a LED bulb in the shape of a Krypton bulb? (one mode, not much power, no thermal path)
Is the reflector surface eaten by battery acids? (reason for replacing it obviously)

And if you don’t know what something means, just ask. :THUMBS-UP:

Ibhave several stock reflectors the one from the light was damaged im up for changing batteries but its a little over my head it currently is incandescent it sort of works? If i out the spring and hold it by hand on a sweet spot it turns on but sitting in the cap atm does nothing probably needs to be cleaned more

Aha, pictures !

Wow, that’s quite a corroded mess… :frowning:

The topic title made me think you wanted to upgrade from krypton bulb to LED, but you want to keep the set up as is.
I hope you can get it clean (enough) first.
That tailcap has suffered badly too…

Anyway, 26650 is a Li-Ion battery of (average) 3.7 Volts.
5 in series would give you 18.5 Volts average (actually between 21 and 15 Volts from charged to depleted)
An XHP35 is a Cree LED that runs on 12 Volts approximately, it’s a 20 Watt LED.

No need to change to Li-Ion just yet. The 6x 1.5V Alkalines will work well enough with a buck (step-down voltage) driver to power a ~3V LED, which is what I’d recommend doing. XPL HI will give plenty of lumens and decent throw. At least, it will be several times better than the stock LED.

Yeah, i agree with Dave.
But it will still be quite a job to get a reflector and pill and a thermal path to the head / body in there.

Not sure what thermal connections have to do but if it involves removing the switch i need to get the tool for that it needs the old spanner thing also not sure where to buy and or how to install a buck switch or led lights assuming amazon? Any idea what specific items i will require to continue upgrading the light as i assume i dont have what i need at this time

Great post, Ollie. :THUMBS-UP:

(But with lye the anodizing will come off too…)

That would be so awesome thank you! But its a 6c im not sure how to figure out the voltage from the batteries added together assuming theres a formula some where i need to learn. Also ive tried to use the appropriate hex key but it doesnt seem to do anything from the little googling i have accomplished it needs the original spanner but i have seen thpse online and will track one down if need be

Make sure you have the right size hex key. Also, I think when I took my 2D apart, I had some trouble getting it lined up to go through to the set screw. But I got it after a while of fiddling. If I get a chance after a while, I’ll go see what it takes to get my 2C apart and let you know.

Also, the voltage is a simple calculation. The batteries are all in series, so you add the voltages together. Assuming all full cells, it would be 1.5 x 6 = 9V total.

Failed to mention it does work now the spring had a build up and wouldnt complete the circuit its for the most part cleaned im hoping to figure out how to figure out when it was made batteries expired in 2012 if any one was curious

IIRC, modern Alkaline batteries (Energizer and Duracell) are usually given an expiry date around 10 or 15 years. So, those would be around 15 or 20 years old at this point!