Maglite 6D

I have an old Maglite 6D cell flashlight. Are there any conversions that I could do to make it worth using or is it just a small baseball bat?

I put a 8.4v driver in mine and made it XP-G R4 , still runs D-Cells .. Accident'ly put in a 3 mode driver [ Hi-lo-strobe ] , will put it a 5 mode one day [ have it in stock ]

old4570, are these parts that can be easily changed out by someone that's never changed out flashlight guts before? If so, where would one purchase an 8.4v driver for Maglite 6D, XP-G R4 and a 5 mode driver?

In that case, one of the easiest, and brightest upgrades you could do would be to drop in a Fusion 36 module from ebay. It's $25, and as easy as swapping out the bulb.

-remove bezel

-remove reflector

-unscrew light bulb holder and replace the little retaining ring

-drop in fusion36 module

-reinstal bezel

-Serve, and enjoy!

I've got one on an old 3D maglite. It's a very nice floody beam, yet somehow manages to have a decent hotspot.

You're only other option is to send it to me so I can try a 5x XML maglite build (I've been looking for a 6cell....)

match, that LED head looks nice & easy. BUT, let's talk about this 5x XML build. I also have a 5D cell "Legend" gathering dust as well. I'm not sure if that one is Maglite or if, in fact, Legend is a brand. They look very similar FWIW. Edit again - it appears that it's a Brinkmann Legend 5D cell flashlight.

I moded mine to run D cells [ DRY or Alkaline ]

Its low current draw , and drives the XP-G emitter more than hard enough ..

Also turns it into a serious thrower ... If you like that sort of thing . Driver ... 5 mode .

Then you will need a heatsink to glue the emitter to ...

You want a XP-G on a 10mm board [ no larger than 12mm ]

Wiring is easy enough ..

You need to pull out the switch / battery plug assembly in the maglite ..

Pull off the rubber switch boot .. then you need the correct Allen key to loosen the locking screw .

Might be easier to head over to CPF and check out the mod section , quite a few DIY guides there .

You need to do some cutting / soldering and gluing .. And you need the right glue and parts ..

Do some research over at CPF and you will see its more about buying the right parts and then doing a assembly job .

old4570 - thank you for links and info. I'll go do some reading over there. I'll holler back if/when I have some questions. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Great idea Match! jb1 sends it to you, then you mod it into a 5x XML Super Maglite and after that all you have to do is send it to me so I can test it out.

It's a dirty job (5x XML Super Maglite Tester) but somebody has to do it.:bigsmile:

I have a 3 x XML mag and its actually to bright most of the time. I never thought Id say that about any flashlight. One thing about the D mag - if built with an appropriate heat sink, the host has a lot of mass and surface area so it takes a long time to heat up and transfers heat well.

The fusion 36 drop ins are good. I stuck mine in a 3d mag with two 14500's and bolt for a blank battery. Its a serious light now


I have a 3 x XML mag and its actually too bright most of the time...



Too bright is only a problem to eyes adjusted to night time. However my SST-50 18watt light I thought was too bright when I started using it, now its just Meh, want more lumens!! (Or maybe its just blindness setting in, (seriously though, it prob is))

Supernova = too bright

3XM-L = not too bright

Hello. I have 6d mag too.

I took DX dropin and grind it a little.

Red arrows - grinding surfaces.

Also you can change leds to XM-L.

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