Maglite 7D Vari-Beam?

A 7D Maglite Vari-Beam has shown up on eBay. It's already out of my price range, current bid $684. I was not aware the Vari-Beam was ever made in 7D - making it far more rare than a regular blue 7D. I'm wondering if this is legitimate?

Does the varibeam just have the cam on the reflector?
7d not a batton thats a club and you would want a good arm to swing that, but at the price you wouldnt be doing much with it.

Can you clarify "cam on the reflector". I only have one Vari-Beam (3D), the reflector looks like any other Maglite.

The tube on the bottom of the reflector is cut on an angle when turned it changes the position of the bulb. It sounds like it is the same

it is in bad shape, bezel is from a different maglight, insides are damaged by battery leakage. business end is not even on any pics, i assume it is in no better shape, for a collector it is a ruined piece, varibeam is when they referred to cam focusing system, the one that is in every maglite,
idk why people would pay so much for it,

How can you tell the bezel is from a different Maglite? That would mean it's a blue 7D, rare in itself.

colors do not match.

What colors do not match? You do understand that the Vari-Beam ALWAYS had a silver end cap and front bezel?

This might clarify things:

That being said, it's possible someone took the silver Vari-Beam bezel and put it on a 7D blue Maglite, which has been confirmed to exist here (possibly a special run):

i had no idea they did that, thanks for showing me that, i guess is not from a different light, i was wrong.

Interesting cheers :beer:

With permission, quoting Jason from the Maglite blog website (, after I emailed him:

Final bid $2,075.00

Was this the most valuable Maglite ever sold on eBay?

If you like gold, someone from CPF is selling there gold-plated AA Maglite for $510.