Maglite and 81-year old Tony Maglica

About a week or two ago I was watching the Made In America series and Maglite was one of the featured products for that episode. There was 81-year old Tony Maglica down on the factory floor with his shop coat on and giving the tour. He seems very dedicated to his creation and the production even to this day. He definitely doesn't come across as a CEO of a large company and popular brand. What intrigued me most is the assembly of all the parts. They basically go into this Willy Wonka machine and magically come out fully assembled. I figured threaded parts were still handled by humans in some fashion. Like ol' Willy, they don't share any details about how the magic machine works.

I will have to look for that show, I would like to see it. Maglights are so nice and I have always wondered why they don’t use more current technology in the emitter area. An XML Maglight right off the shelf at walmart would sell pretty well I think. Of course then we wouldn’t be big shots anymore, everyone would have an awesome light.

Great find guys!

Now Maglite is going to be featured on one of my new favorite shows In the Design tonight. It'll be aired on the Science Channel on Directv. I just noticed while surfing the guide. Neat!

Very nice find!

If anyone stumbles upon some more videos like this, please post.


@ Langcjl: "Of course then we wouldn't be big shots anymore, everyone would have an awesome light"

Hm, good point, and you'd have to wonder how long it'll be before everyone does have. It amazes me that so many people are still unaware of 'our' flashlights, but we won't have them to ourselves forever. Then we'll have to go back to wracking our brains for Xmas present ideas like everyone else..

Love it!

When everyone has one, then the only way to be innovative and unique will be to go back to hurricane lamps and candles, or real torches.

Great video, his business has kept him going, literally. I bet when he goes though, his children will either sell it off or start having them made in China. Alwaya happens with a family business.

Hopefully he'll be as smart as Robert Bosch. :)

I can see it now on greedbay... RARE!!! WOW! American made 2D maglite black. BIN $22,000.00

Like most of you, I have all manner of Maglites collecting dust around here. But I'm going out tomorrow to get a couple more just based on the way that guy cares about his family.

I watched the clip and he seems very cute & charismatic.

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This has the Kony 2012 thread written all over it.

Let's not make this political! It's not even a controversial subject. It's completely ON-topic for crying out loud! :p