Maglite ML25LT - 2 x C cell compact thrower

I share some thoughts on the 192 lumen twisty Maglite ML25LT:

Cheers for the review, comprehensive with no surprises really but good to know that’s the case, it is what it is :slight_smile: Rather you than me being outside atm though, i don’t do cold.

Coupla things spring to mind, for walking wouldn’t it be better to defocus it to reduce the intensity of the hotspot?
And is there enough diameter to put 3xAAs in parallel in place of each C?

NiMH C cells would probably end up around the same price and have higher energy density.

Defocusing is certainly an option, although as you can see in the vid, you can’t defocus it much before you get a doughnut hole in the beam. For me this would just be to irritating while walking. :person_facepalming:

As it is a C cell, the tube is too narrow to accept even 2 x AA in parallel. A 26650 is also just too fat too.

I have started on a 21700 adapter. I have tested the battery and it seems to run fine in the ML25LT.

Nice, man. Thanks.

I agree :slight_smile: My question was in response to Mr Drumstick wanting to use a single AA in an AA to C convertor rather than in response to using C-cells.

That’s fair enough, i remember preferring defocused despite the donut hole when walking with my mini mag as a youngster, i might have to try it again and see if i feel the same!
Shame about 3xAAs not fitting but the 21700 is a good solution if the circuit can cope with the voltage, glad you’re sorting that.

You sure have some interesting hobbies Chicken drumstick! Looks like a lot of fun in those 4x4’s - I have to make do with an rc crawler!

That's a good flashlight

Do the 2 and 3 cell ML25s use the same driver? Mag used to do this frequently.

I think the 2c uses a buck step up driver and the 3c doesn't.