Maglite Nite Ize upgrade

I’ve purchased three Nite Ize D&C cell 55 lumen LED’s to upgrade my incandescent Maglite flashlights. I’ve been very impressed with them. I paid, after the Harbor Freight 20% coupon a total of $7.19 each for the LED upgrade. And they are quite a bit brighter and whiter than the incandescent bulbs they replaced. I think it is a nice, and fairly inexpensive upgrade to these flashlights. Doesn’t turn them into a lighthouse, but much better than what they were and from what I understand, the run time should be greatly increased. Be curious how much run time increase it should offer.

Happy camper with them :slight_smile:

Okay, I was impressed enough with them to convert all four of my D/C cell ML’s over to LED. Cost slightly less than $30 to convert all four which is around the price of a single new LED ML so I feel it is a pretty good deal. And 55 lumens seems to be substantially brighter than the old incandescent bulbs.

Went to Lowes and saw the AA LED conversion kit for just under $7 so I got one to try out. This isn’t the 3xLED kit, I wasn’t impressed with that when I got one a few years ago. Actually, I kinda sucked too be honest. This one is the single LED that does 30 lumen. Put it in and it is a brighter/whiter light. Run time is suppose to be increased five-fold which I really like. I didn’t install the butt-clicky as the one I got a few years ago didn’t last. And it works without it. Not using it as a ‘tactcool’ light anyway.

So….we’ll see how they do.

For 7$ you can do a "Match mini mag mod" that will eat what you're talking about for breakfast :)

oh i hate horrible frieght

Thank you for the link and PM. Looks really great. :slight_smile:

Overall I think I like the 55 and 30 lumen options better from an emergency preparedness standpoint. I have several lights that produce high lumens so I feel that angle is covered sufficiently. At the moment I’m more interested in extending the run time on several of my lights. I purchases another Nite Ize 30 lumen LED upgrade for a second AA mini Maglite. 25 hours of run time is substantially better than 5 hours, and better from an emergency preparedness perspective. And it is much brighter than what it was before. For most needs I simply don’t need tons of lumens. For around the house in a black out or in the vehicle it is working out rather well. And I always carry several lights anyway in my EDC and/or GHB anyway to cover different levels and needs as well as back up.

Update: Trip to Lowes yesterday for a few things. Like to stop by the flashlights to see what they have, been looking for the Maglight Solitaire LED. They had 2D cell Maglights with baterries on clearance for $10. These are the old incandescent bulb version. Picked up a couple, one for each vehicle and did the Niteize conversion as above. Figure that was $18 for a new Maglight LED. :slight_smile:

It isn’t always about how many lumens. Sometimes the most important thing is just basic functionality and run time.

AND you had fun doing it!

This has been my thinking lately. Maximize the run time while still having a functionally bright light. Makes sense from an emergency preparedness perspective. :slight_smile: