Magnification & Illumination

Was curious to see what some of you are using at your work bench. I am thinking about getting a clamp on Architect lamp/magnifier. I got one for my daughter at Christmas for her jewelry making, and she likes it. Personally, I don’t. Doesn’t seem too clear to me, except for a very small portion at the center of the lens. I know little about them, as far as quality and so forth. This is a Budget forum, so I’d like to stick to that theme :smiley: My eyes are getting older, and all these drivers, and led’s keep getting smaller.


I use a swivel head flashlight, reading glasses and zoomy lenses. To check for fake LEDs I used a compound microscope.

I use a lamp/magnifier, like is used for sewing/crafts. It has a weighted base and sits on any table, with a long swing arm that folds away. There’s tons of them at all kinds of prices.
Many people use what is called “helping hands” with a lighted magnifier on them. They also usually have a weighted base and are fairly portable.
It comes down to matter of choice.

I use a large desk mounted lamp/magnifier. Push it out of the way when not needed.

I was directed to this product. I now don’t know how I lived without it. This one is unavailable now but there are many similar products out there.

What microscope do you use?

I use a 10x lighted desk mount lamp. I had one with a flex neck but it fell apart(after I chucked it). I saved the 3” lens and still use that by itself.