"MAHA" Duo 9000 USB Charger

I just received the Korean “MAHA” Duo 9000 USB charger for two AA and AAA NIMH batteries. This is a charger from a Korean company that is using the Maha name but so far as I can see it bears no true relationship to the MAHA that distributes and sells in the USA.


Based on the recharge of two partially discharged Sanyo XX Eneloop batteries this is not a timed or dumb charger. The fully charged indication came way too quickly for a dumb timer charger, finishing them in about two hours, and after four hours rest the batteries are reading at 1.407 and 1.408 Volts per my multimeter. Charging current is listed as 500 mA maximum. The unit has two multi color LEDs, one for each battery, so I presume separate charging circuits.

The charger includes a car cigarette lighter adapter, a wall wart and a USB power cable so the charger is extremely versatile as to how it is powered. I used the USB cable for my test recharge. The wall wart is for Eyropean plugs but includes a USA outlet adapter. There is also a one page Korean English instruction sheet included and the charger also claims to be a USB power source using either rechargeable or alkaline batteries to recharge phones etc. For that use it includes a USB to 24 pin recharging cable. I presume the 24 pin cable is for recharging some phones or other devices, Samsung or Apple?

I like the variety of charging power source options as that makes for maximum versatility.

i would have a hard time buying a known knockoff/fake.
i also suspect its a cheap generic label to order item that is probably poor quality.
let us know how it performs.sounds interesting if its any good.

snakebite; So far as I can tell the only thing being knocked-off here is the MAHA name. This charger bears no resemblance to any Maha Energy charger I have been able to find. If I could have found a genuine item I would have bought it, even at a higher price. If you read my second paragraph I did report on the operation of the charger.

I wanted a two NiMH capacity USB powered charger and looked extensively for a Sanyo one before ordering this. The Sanyo is no longer made and I have yet to find a source for the Panasonic version of the Sanyo that theoretically exists. Everything else I found was a dumb low current timed charger which works for fully discharged NiMH batteries but is not very satisfactory for use with only partially discharged ones and may not fully charge high capacity AA NiMH batteries. The POS ones I found on Amazon had lousy reviews from those people who seemed to have some electrical knowledge.

The only other decent USB powered NiMH charger I found is the single slot one from XTAR.