Mains powered lighting project question

I appreciate that might not be the best place for this project, but I’d be very welcoming of any information.

I’m attempting to create a display light for an exhibition,

A button hooked up to a timer would power the light for roughly 20 seconds (using a monostable 555 timer circuit)

I’m thinking of driving it using a 5V USB power supply (a have a few ranging from 800mA to 1.5A) and using a resistor to drop the voltage, but a driver circuit might be needed.

My question is this; what would be the most powerful led module I could buy for <£10 ($15) given that I do not care about efficiency, size or heat (short powered times, and could use an old pc heat sink if need be)

Thanks for any advice, I’m novice in this area but I’m willing to learn.